Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015


So well this week was crazy, as you can tell by my lack of emailing, so let me tell you about it:

My companion, Elder Williamson, is suspected of having glaucoma. So we have had to make multiple visits to the Doctor for tests and what what, the only thing is, is that the doctor is in Kumasi, and we are 2 hours away in Bibiani. We went Monday, and I was gonna email in Kumasi, but as I read the first email, the power left us. I was gonna email Tuesday when I got home, but we got home at 9pm, so nope. And that's how the week went, so yeah a ton of fun, spent all our money and time, but it did work out. Now I know Kumasi like the back of my hand.

Bibiani though is incredible, truly always power, and they speak more English here than my old area, so I can like carry conversations in twi with them or so it feels like haha.
The apartment is gorgeous, its a house, and really nice.

We had two baptisms this week as well! Two younger boys whose parents wanted them to be baptized, it was fun, they are good kids.

This week was just long, that's for sure, but this week I have also grown a lot spiritually. Just one after the other have I had spiritual experiences. I love it. I want to be the best missionary I can be, the most obedient, the most honest, the hardest working I can be. And I can see the blessings thereof. I love it.

But that was my week, I hope that is interesting enough.
Oh so I'm the only white guy haha, it's 2 Nigerians and 1 Ghanaian, so I am learning pigeon and twi, I love these guys.
I love you guys too, take care
Elder Verdoni

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13

Hey Everyone!! Well it has finally come, I am being Transferred from Nkronsa to Bibiani. I'll talk about it!

I guess its the biggest thing I should talk about, so yes Bibiani. It is about 1 and half to 2 hours from Kumasi by tro-tro. A bit more village-y than where I am now, so I'm super excited. I will be with Elder Williamson, he is also Nigerian, I will be the only white Elder there, :)
I leave Wednesday morning so I have been cleaning and preparing to pack, it'll be fun.

This week was good though, we had no power and no water a few times this week and a thought struck me; how weird it will be to always have light and running water, haha because like I get uneasy when we have power for more than 2 days haha. Bibiani, I heard, always has power so we will see.

My last Sunday in Nkoransa was great, I loved it. I was able to bear my testimony and say goodbye to them all. I love these people. They're family, they really feel that way and it's amazing, just a bit sad that I am leaving.
Well really that was my week, I should have a bit more to share next week, but till then, stay Golden!
Love you guys!
Elder Verdoni

Pics. This week we were serious.. haha okay well we wanted to look serious
we made that meal ourselves, Rice ball with groundnut soup

Letter to Brandon (I'm giving a talk this Sunday on praying with real intent. Anything to say or your personal experiences?)
Sure man. All I can add is I have slowed down in my prayers. I talk to my heavenly Father. I tell him everything. how I feel, how my day went, I even tell him the boring parts, because he cares. And I plead for help to help others. I'm here to serve and I ask him to help me. I love praying because when I do I know he stops, and he listens to me. And after I pray I know he is working for me to help me. I love it. I truly feel like a child of God. And if I have questions, I do everything in my power to find the answer. I study, I search, and then I ask. Like Christ told Oliver Cowdery "you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right and if it be right I will cause that your bosom shall burn withihn you: therefore you shall feel it is right." (D&C 9:7-8) 
Love you bro

Letter to Mom
Hey mom! I always love your emails.
I cant wait for Brandon to get his call, so crazy (His brother's mission papers are in and waiting on the interview)
But wow mom your week sure does sound full, I love knowing about it.
Thank you so much for the package and ring, I will love the Jerky, and I am so excited for the instruments:) (I sent him some dental cleaning instruments)
I am super excited to go to Bibiani, most people there wont speak English, it will be fun, and I should learn more Twi and pigeon English (from the Nigerians) .
Love you Mom!

Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015


We had Zone Conference this week and it was wonderful, President Holmes gave a great instruction on a few things, specifically better scripture study, asking inspired questions and bearing powerful testimonies. It was a great time, It last from 9am to 3:30pm! and we didn't get home till 5:30, so it chopped our day pretty well, but super fun, got to see a lot of friends.

This week was somehow tough for us though, We only taught 24 lessons this week and Saturday was the absolute worst. The day was just tough, none of the lessons were that great, and we walked for hours, a lot of appointments fell through. We really had to push ourselves but at the end of the day it was sweet, why you ask? well because Sandra invited us four Elders for a meal.
I can say it in German but I sure can't spell it, but it was some bread ball with mushroom soup, holy flipping delicious. It was so, so good. Tasted like home, or Germany. 

This weekend has been great though for power, Ghana bought power from Ivory Coast for Easter Weekend, so we have enjoyed it, although it will be leaving very soon...
This week was good though, I had fun and had a lot of spiritual experiences.

But this weekend was Easter, and without all the candy and bunnies, it's been a great time for me to remember why we have it. I know that Jesus Christ suffered, died, and resurrected for me. I love knowing that he really is there, He lives and he knows me. I don't worship a Christ who died, but I worship a Christ who lives. I know he lives. I know this is His gospel. I know that he knows, and loves each and every one of you, as he does me.
Don't forget that, don't Forget him. Because he will never forget, nor give up on you.
Love you all
Elder Michael Lundy Verdoni