Monday, December 29, 2014

Dec 29,2014

Christmas Week

Hello everyone! okay so this week was absolutely amazing. I GOT TO TALK TO MY SKYPE HOME. AHHHH okay it was the coolest thing of all time. I was real worried it wasn't going to work but it did, perfectly and I loved every second. I was on cloud 9 the rest of the day. But that morning we had a real American Breakfast, (after we opened our presents of course) with french toast, eggs, sausage, and potatoes. It was soo good but also a lot of money haha, well worth it though.

The other day Emilia called me to come and help fetch some water for her, so Elder Abrams and I got ready and went to help. I didn't realize I'd become a celebrity.. like everyone came out and either laughed at us or took pictures, or both. Even the white German people that live next to us got a kick and took pictures. I did pretty good but my neck killed me haha, but it was a good work and I think it gave us a good name. But that day, I didn't teach one person, not one. It was such a long day, so maybe it didn't give us a good enough day lol.

Yesterday I had fufu again, man like I'm trying so hard to love it again but that one experience ruined it for me. I felt bad but l could only eat like half of it.

Fun facts: they have ramen here and we eat it like college kids, I ride in vans packed with people like sardines, I run everyday with Elder Abrams, and when our district is walking together we walk in order and Abrams calls cadence (He's in the Army) and it's fun.
okay guys, well I love you! this week will be pretty cool too!
Elder Verdoni
Riding in Vans packed like sardines

Carrying water and becoming a celebrity 
American breakfast Christmas morning


Google Hangout with the family!

Dec 22, 2014


Hey everyone!! so yes this week is Christmas and I GET TO TALK TO MY FAMILY WOOO.
This week was pretty good! We met our goals and found some really really powerful investigators, so I'm happy. And it went by really fast, in fact too fast for me to take an adequate amount of photos, so I apologize, but next week I will have a good number then!

So, today we went grocery shopping and I bought me Fruity Pebbles AND Dr. Pepper. Yeah, they have those here, it's a good Christmas. This week I tore one of my shirts as well, I was stepping of a ledge (like 1 foot) and it got caught on some rusty edge and ripped it really well! I got real lucky though because it didn't touch my skin at all! and I was right by my apartment so I changed real quick! 

This email is really short but I really don't know what else to say for today. Next Monday, I'll make it a good one I promise! ;) I love you guys. I know why I'm here and what I'm doing. And I love it.
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom

I am good, Im just stressing about Thursday and Google Hangouts, I really really pray that It will go well. And I'm gaining weight and I hate it. GAHH I'm doing a lot to reduce it so I will let you know haha. I love to see pictures of you and the kids, It makes me so happy. (I told him that it's crazy that I have left over bacon in my fridge right now) And by the way, I would go crazy over it. I WILL go crazy. I wont have bacon for two years!
I love you mom, you're incredible! Yeah we have a zone party to get to today....Its early I know, but it's going real good.
Pres Holmes playing the drums

Christmas party in Tetchiman (Pic by Sis Holmes)
Wanted to share because we all act out the 
Nativity scene!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 15, 2014

New Transfer

Aloha everyone! Holy moly this week flew by!

My last couple days with Elder Moshani went wayy too quick but I am still loving Missionary work! It was actually pretty sad to have Elder Moshani leave but I know he is gonna be a great Zone Leader. Elder Nweke is a pretty cool kid! He is 19 year old from Nigeria and he's a really good teacher! He knows a lot of doctrine and dang I have learned so much already. We didn't achieve all our goals because of the crazy week but we still did pretty dang good. He is not Elder Moshani but he is good, I really like him.

Okay so great news! Emilia was baptized on Saturday! It was an incredible experience being able to be the baptist. She had no idea and got a big surprise that it was going to be me, she was pretty excited. It was an incredible spiritual experience, I really felt it and I know she did too. She is now a Member and a wonderful example to her family. Her husband's baptism is coming in a couple weeks and we are teaching her son Collins, he is a great kid. I love this family so much. They really make it feel like home here. I like being at their shop more than my apartment haha.
Speaking of my apartment, my Grandma sent Christmas Decorations and now it feels like Christmas! No lights but we got boughs of holly! It's sweet and smells like the store Michael's haha.
Okay so fried plantain is delicious, just so you know. If you ever find any, make sure it's ripe, cut it into pieces and fry it in oil in a pan with some light salt and enjoy. It's my favorite food as of right now. More than fufu that's for sure! haha
And today I watched Mobsters and Mormons!! Elder Enoenwu has it and it was legit, I haven't seen that movie in like 50 years so it was sweet (its approved no worries)
But yeah that was my week! It went by fast. It's nice not being trained anymore, I feel like a real missionary! I love you all, thank you for all the emails, Its legit.
I hope these emails are what you are wanting, if you wanna know anything specific let me know!! 
Elder Verdoni
Letter to Mom
Okay so first I was thinking about using google hangouts on Christmas...with that its cheaper and I can do it longer... and talk to you and dad simultaneously, so yeah but let me know!!

The gifts we have will work just fine! (Sharing with a new comp since I sent a package to his last comp so I added extra candy and small toys) he doesn't seem like the one to care much any how. He is a good guy! 
I set up my Christmas tree too! the little lego one, it's sweet and I will set all my packages under the tree till Christmas, when I get them lol. (I sent him a lego Christmas tree to build) I got the one with the calendar though!! I love it! its perfect mom, thank you so much. (I made him an advent calendar with pictures of Christ with a scripture, hymn and quote each day until Christmas)

Emilia's baptism was absolutely incredible. I gave the talk on baptism and she cried during it, and right after she was baptized, she is really in tune with the spirit. I cried in the bathroom as I was changing. I love her and her family so much and I'm so happy for them now, I just had to let it out haha. They make me feel home. 
Speaking of investigators, one of mine, Naomi, found my blog from google! she was looking up stuff about the church and it came up in the results ahahah crazy huh?? Shes really cool to and like Emilia's best friend, so we see them both a ton.  
I got Kenedy's pic!! holy finally, I'm so happy. (She drew and sent a pic thru pouch mail in September)

But yes that's me mom, I'm happy. really happy. 
I love your emails, please keep them up haha I love you mom, I'm on for a while if you got the time!!
I love you:

Last companion Elder Moshani


Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec 9, 2014


Hey everyone!! Well that's the subject heading, my training is officially over and I am no longer a "greeny" (but I will keep the greeny spirit alive my whole mission, mark my words) and I am so excited! This week was actually pretty darn crazy and fun and yeah it was a good one so I will just start with the juiciest stuff:

Elder Moshani has been called to be a Zone Leader in Konongo, so he is outta here on Wednesday and that means I am getting a new companion! Kinda nervous I'm not going to lie but also pretty darn excited! His name is Elder Nweke, he is from Nigeria and is actually my friend Elder Snow's trainer, I know him and he's a pretty cool guy so it should be pretty fun!!
This week we went 6 days without power, hahah holy moly, I got to the point where I just didn't care, and that was that, we went three days without running water, I cared a bit more about that but it's all back now to its normal schedule of 24 hours with power, 12 off. so I'm happy!
My investigator Emilia got married on Saturday and I could not be happier for her! Her baptism is this Saturday and her husband's is the week after, I flipping love the whole family.
This week was just pretty fun, and went by really fast, we deep cleaned our apartment today, from like 5am to about 1:30, and it looks sooo good. I'm proud of our work! But hey that was my week! Christmas is coming up soon and I cannot wait!!!  I love you all! 
P.s. I have contacted a white man, his name is Kevin and he's from Cali
Elder Verdoni
Letter to Mom -
Holy moses 6 packages???? I love you mom, and no I don't have them, Sis Holmes is keeping them all till the week before Christmas so I'll get everything then. I have the SD card from the last package so no worries but not drawing....:(  (His sister sent a drawing thru pouch mail and never got it)

Your week sounds busy! (I love the weekly updates so much thank you) Elder Moshani will love his package, I think its gonna be his only one so good call momma. 
Transfers are on Wednesday, so that's when I get my new comp. Did Elder Snow say anything about him? He was his trainer, I'm small nervous but I will be okay!!
Thanksgiving was soo good! ate too much and felt like poop, so it was sweet, worth the 45 cedis but I'm not going back for some time. Two Americans and two Nigerians hahah
We also fasted for the saints there too.  (We fasted for the people of Sierra Leone, Liberia and
   and I'm real proud of Brandon, he is good man and I'm so excited for him to go on his mission!  (His brother Brandon bore his testimony yesterday in church and it was powerful.  Had some mom's crying, esp me!)   Nothing bad is happening to me, just getting a rice belly:((( but I love you mom, thank you for everything. Its not always easy but it's always worth it. please reply cause my reply was short and I wanna chat!! Love you momma!!
Elder Verdoni
After Emilia's marriage and when we stopped by her house
  Her children are future missionaries

 on our way to District meeting! (with Elder Abrams)

Ever had cupcake flavored goldfish as a cereal? I have (holla)

"Remember the movie Killer Ants? I found them, they were a huge colony!!!!!!
Big ants moving too fast for the camera... to show 
his younger brother Jacob who for some 
odd reason is scared of ants.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dec 1, 2014


Good morning everyone!! This week was pretty fun! and super super fast. I can't believe I am on my last week of the transfer! Last week of training and I become a "normal" missionary!! HOLLA.

Okay so I'll start with the serious stuff: We are teaching Emilia's husband, Isaac. Emilia is the shop lady who is incredibly faithful and is already giving us referrals (a big deal for a missionary). But there is a downside, Isaac doesn't speak English at all. none. and he can barely understand it. But we want to baptize them as a family so we're teaching him. We usually bring a member with us who can speak Twi but the lesson this week no one was available so Emilia offered to help. She's awesome. We read 1 Nephi 3 and the lesson on faith and obedience. And for there not being much English in that lesson I sure did feel the Spirit. It was incredible. He understood the message and even told Emilia, "I want to be like Nephi, I want to be obedient" so that's what we're teaching him now. I really like their family, we are about to teach one of her sons too, Kofi. 

Okay now for other stuff! Us four missionaries in the Apartment are all really close to Emilia, since her shop is 30 yards from our house. But we actually run and play soccer with her and her kids 2-3 times a week, and we stop by her shop everyday. It is a lot of fun! You know what else is a lot of fun? We (a lot of us Elders) are celebrating Thanksgiving today by Going to the Golden Bean for lunch! I'm writing this before I go but be assured it is gonna be 2legit. 

And one more little fun fact; I have made 7 kids cry this month (November) yeah, 7. haha  I don't do anything, they're just terrified of a broni! (white guy) It's sad and hilarious at the same time. 

Our towns transformer blew this week so it is now day 3 without power, so I'll keep you updated! But we have running water so it isn't as bad. I love being here, it is flipping sweet. It is a total adventure, everything is so different!! I love you all tons, thanks for the emails!

till next time,
Elder Verdoni

 P.s. "Never suppress a generous thought"

Elder Moshani and I stuck in the rain at Emilia's shop

Me eating Banku

Non alcoholic Lol

Elder Abrams and I went on exchanges!

That's a school

Our state-of-the-art stove and pots

What? Elder Moshani eats french toast with Ketchup?