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Dec 9, 2014


Hey everyone!! Well that's the subject heading, my training is officially over and I am no longer a "greeny" (but I will keep the greeny spirit alive my whole mission, mark my words) and I am so excited! This week was actually pretty darn crazy and fun and yeah it was a good one so I will just start with the juiciest stuff:

Elder Moshani has been called to be a Zone Leader in Konongo, so he is outta here on Wednesday and that means I am getting a new companion! Kinda nervous I'm not going to lie but also pretty darn excited! His name is Elder Nweke, he is from Nigeria and is actually my friend Elder Snow's trainer, I know him and he's a pretty cool guy so it should be pretty fun!!
This week we went 6 days without power, hahah holy moly, I got to the point where I just didn't care, and that was that, we went three days without running water, I cared a bit more about that but it's all back now to its normal schedule of 24 hours with power, 12 off. so I'm happy!
My investigator Emilia got married on Saturday and I could not be happier for her! Her baptism is this Saturday and her husband's is the week after, I flipping love the whole family.
This week was just pretty fun, and went by really fast, we deep cleaned our apartment today, from like 5am to about 1:30, and it looks sooo good. I'm proud of our work! But hey that was my week! Christmas is coming up soon and I cannot wait!!!  I love you all! 
P.s. I have contacted a white man, his name is Kevin and he's from Cali
Elder Verdoni
Letter to Mom -
Holy moses 6 packages???? I love you mom, and no I don't have them, Sis Holmes is keeping them all till the week before Christmas so I'll get everything then. I have the SD card from the last package so no worries but not drawing....:(  (His sister sent a drawing thru pouch mail and never got it)

Your week sounds busy! (I love the weekly updates so much thank you) Elder Moshani will love his package, I think its gonna be his only one so good call momma. 
Transfers are on Wednesday, so that's when I get my new comp. Did Elder Snow say anything about him? He was his trainer, I'm small nervous but I will be okay!!
Thanksgiving was soo good! ate too much and felt like poop, so it was sweet, worth the 45 cedis but I'm not going back for some time. Two Americans and two Nigerians hahah
We also fasted for the saints there too.  (We fasted for the people of Sierra Leone, Liberia and
   and I'm real proud of Brandon, he is good man and I'm so excited for him to go on his mission!  (His brother Brandon bore his testimony yesterday in church and it was powerful.  Had some mom's crying, esp me!)   Nothing bad is happening to me, just getting a rice belly:((( but I love you mom, thank you for everything. Its not always easy but it's always worth it. please reply cause my reply was short and I wanna chat!! Love you momma!!
Elder Verdoni
After Emilia's marriage and when we stopped by her house
  Her children are future missionaries

 on our way to District meeting! (with Elder Abrams)

Ever had cupcake flavored goldfish as a cereal? I have (holla)

"Remember the movie Killer Ants? I found them, they were a huge colony!!!!!!
Big ants moving too fast for the camera... to show 
his younger brother Jacob who for some 
odd reason is scared of ants.

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