Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 15, 2014

New Transfer

Aloha everyone! Holy moly this week flew by!

My last couple days with Elder Moshani went wayy too quick but I am still loving Missionary work! It was actually pretty sad to have Elder Moshani leave but I know he is gonna be a great Zone Leader. Elder Nweke is a pretty cool kid! He is 19 year old from Nigeria and he's a really good teacher! He knows a lot of doctrine and dang I have learned so much already. We didn't achieve all our goals because of the crazy week but we still did pretty dang good. He is not Elder Moshani but he is good, I really like him.

Okay so great news! Emilia was baptized on Saturday! It was an incredible experience being able to be the baptist. She had no idea and got a big surprise that it was going to be me, she was pretty excited. It was an incredible spiritual experience, I really felt it and I know she did too. She is now a Member and a wonderful example to her family. Her husband's baptism is coming in a couple weeks and we are teaching her son Collins, he is a great kid. I love this family so much. They really make it feel like home here. I like being at their shop more than my apartment haha.
Speaking of my apartment, my Grandma sent Christmas Decorations and now it feels like Christmas! No lights but we got boughs of holly! It's sweet and smells like the store Michael's haha.
Okay so fried plantain is delicious, just so you know. If you ever find any, make sure it's ripe, cut it into pieces and fry it in oil in a pan with some light salt and enjoy. It's my favorite food as of right now. More than fufu that's for sure! haha
And today I watched Mobsters and Mormons!! Elder Enoenwu has it and it was legit, I haven't seen that movie in like 50 years so it was sweet (its approved no worries)
But yeah that was my week! It went by fast. It's nice not being trained anymore, I feel like a real missionary! I love you all, thank you for all the emails, Its legit.
I hope these emails are what you are wanting, if you wanna know anything specific let me know!! 
Elder Verdoni
Letter to Mom
Okay so first I was thinking about using google hangouts on Christmas...with that its cheaper and I can do it longer... and talk to you and dad simultaneously, so yeah but let me know!!

The gifts we have will work just fine! (Sharing with a new comp since I sent a package to his last comp so I added extra candy and small toys) he doesn't seem like the one to care much any how. He is a good guy! 
I set up my Christmas tree too! the little lego one, it's sweet and I will set all my packages under the tree till Christmas, when I get them lol. (I sent him a lego Christmas tree to build) I got the one with the calendar though!! I love it! its perfect mom, thank you so much. (I made him an advent calendar with pictures of Christ with a scripture, hymn and quote each day until Christmas)

Emilia's baptism was absolutely incredible. I gave the talk on baptism and she cried during it, and right after she was baptized, she is really in tune with the spirit. I cried in the bathroom as I was changing. I love her and her family so much and I'm so happy for them now, I just had to let it out haha. They make me feel home. 
Speaking of investigators, one of mine, Naomi, found my blog from google! she was looking up stuff about the church and it came up in the results ahahah crazy huh?? Shes really cool to and like Emilia's best friend, so we see them both a ton.  
I got Kenedy's pic!! holy finally, I'm so happy. (She drew and sent a pic thru pouch mail in September)

But yes that's me mom, I'm happy. really happy. 
I love your emails, please keep them up haha I love you mom, I'm on for a while if you got the time!!
I love you:

Last companion Elder Moshani


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  1. Hello Elder Verdoni, Its great to see you enjoying your mission in Ghana with all the fufu and riped plantain it has to offer. I love reading your blog and finding out what you are up to. We keep you in our prayers always. Merry Christmas !!!!!!