Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015


We had Zone Conference this week and it was wonderful, President Holmes gave a great instruction on a few things, specifically better scripture study, asking inspired questions and bearing powerful testimonies. It was a great time, It last from 9am to 3:30pm! and we didn't get home till 5:30, so it chopped our day pretty well, but super fun, got to see a lot of friends.

This week was somehow tough for us though, We only taught 24 lessons this week and Saturday was the absolute worst. The day was just tough, none of the lessons were that great, and we walked for hours, a lot of appointments fell through. We really had to push ourselves but at the end of the day it was sweet, why you ask? well because Sandra invited us four Elders for a meal.
I can say it in German but I sure can't spell it, but it was some bread ball with mushroom soup, holy flipping delicious. It was so, so good. Tasted like home, or Germany. 

This weekend has been great though for power, Ghana bought power from Ivory Coast for Easter Weekend, so we have enjoyed it, although it will be leaving very soon...
This week was good though, I had fun and had a lot of spiritual experiences.

But this weekend was Easter, and without all the candy and bunnies, it's been a great time for me to remember why we have it. I know that Jesus Christ suffered, died, and resurrected for me. I love knowing that he really is there, He lives and he knows me. I don't worship a Christ who died, but I worship a Christ who lives. I know he lives. I know this is His gospel. I know that he knows, and loves each and every one of you, as he does me.
Don't forget that, don't Forget him. Because he will never forget, nor give up on you.
Love you all
Elder Michael Lundy Verdoni

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