Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mar 30, 2015
Just a good week!

Hey Everyone! Well this week was just a good one! I don't remember too much but let's see what I can remember!

We have been working really hard these past few weeks and it's really starting to show now, people are really starting to listen to us and take us more serious, and we're finding new people who are really interested, it's just amazing.

So something really odd happened this week which I loved. I was talking to someone and they were saying something they did or accomplished and with out thinking I said "good job" in twi, I didn't even think about it, it just came as easy as saying it in Enligsh and it made me like the happiest guy ever. I am trying so hard to learn twi, I have learned a lot, but the more you know, the more you know you don't know..

We have had some really powerful storms this week, some which hinder our work but I love them all just the same, although one ripped off one of our neighbors house completely, sad stuff because they came home from a funeral to it, and it's been raining since so their home is just soaked, sad stuff but they're in good spirits.

Church was really good this week too! I don't know but I really felt the spirit and had a real good time.

So that was pretty much my week! Although I have decided I want to buy a cutlass, so we'll see:)
Elder Verdoni

In Letter to Mom

Hey I just want you to know really how much I love this place, I love it mom. I was so meant to come here, it's crazy.  They are wonderful people mom, really really love them, happy people, at least in Ghana.  I've grown and I am gonna grow so much more!

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