Monday, March 16, 2015

Mar 9, 2015

Hard Work, works! 

Hey everyone! Okay so this week was hard, but it was a good one. My District is sweet! and the weather can be nice! so I'll talk about it!

So the new missionary, Elder Acera is flipping great, he is a great guy. He's been here as long as my companion so they are good friends, we all get along pretty well!
So this week I hit a pretty cool mile marker: I finished the Book of Mormon, The New Testament, and the Pear of Great Price this week! I am pretty proud of myself and I have learned a lot! It's like my 3rd time reading The BOM on mission, so it's cool:) I just have D&C and the OT and I have finished the Standard Works!

We have had a couple of powerful storms this week, like the wind got crazy. And I loved it! man I love the storms here, but I hate the humidity that comes after lol. In fact one storm ripped off a lot of zinc roofing and knocked down a bunch of trees in one of my areas, it was crazy to see, like a mini hurricane.

Like I said though, the week was hard, we spent the first 4 or 5 hours everyday just walking around, with no lessons. it sucks. But at the end of it we all eneded up having good lessons, so it turned out alright.

And okay church was crazy! some crazy drunk or high (who knows) guy walked into church making noise and yelling, laying on the ground what what.. so us 4 Elders and some others tried to kindly escort him of church property, the guy didn't want to cooperate. There were no fists but he did scuffle with a few guys. We had to lock the gates and open them quickly if someone else wanted in. It was exciting.

Well that's my week! I love you guys!
Elder Verdoni

Elder Verdoni and Elder Erickson  

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