Monday, March 16, 2015

Mar 16, 2015

Fast Week

Hellllo! How are you all? This week was actually rather slow, not too much happened but well we'll see what I can find mildly interesting!

So you know how I drink water out of plastic bags? (if you didn't, now you do) anyway I had one this week and the bag literally smelled like an all beef, well-cooked hot dog. Ah man It took me home, I loved it, and the water tasted like the treatment chemicals:) Most smell or taste funny but I'm healthy and that's life:)

We pounded our own fufu as a District this week!! If you don't know what that is, look it up! Good stuff actually. But we went to Sis Emilia to help us prepare and it was wicked! Worth the work.

Two of my Investigators should be baptized this week! P., and A. (a small child so its like that) but P.  is an incredible guy, he is really prepared and I know it wasn't me. I'm super proud of him.

But yeah that's my week! I'm still living in Africa which blows my mind. I hope all is well with you guys! I love you all and take care! Stay fly and continue to improve your relationship with your Heavenly Father. I can promise you that he is there, and that he cares. He listens to your prayers, I know that because he listens to mine.
love you all

Eldah (how Ghana says it) Vehdoni

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