Monday, September 7, 2015

Sept 7, 2015


Hey guys! This week was awesome! I met another General Authority, hit my one year mark, and the Evangelist came back to church!

So we met Elder Curtis this week, and it was amazing. He had some great insights. My favorite was when he was sharing a spiritual experience and how he was trying to seek personal revelation when he had the impression, "be quiet inside and let me teach you something." That we need to not worry or be "loud" inside, if so, we cannot allow the Spirit, the Lord, to teach us what we need to learn. I really liked that. We talked for a bit to afterwards about Italy (represent), since he served there, and about Liberia.

Liberia.. I'll be leaving any day now. Just waiting for that phone call. So we will see, but when I email again I'll be in a different country!

I consider myself to be a fried rice king now. I can make some MEAN fried rice, well for missionary cuisine standards lol. I think its great, so just heads up. Also, on Saturday, I had too much fufu, is that possible? YES. We went to a members house, The Buadu family, for fufu. It was huge, like I'll attach a pic but about the size of your face, with meat and fish head. Then 3 hours later, we had another FM (family meal) at our Ward Mission Leaders house, it was fufu again. Oh boy, I finished it, but it was the same thing and also huge. I didn't eat till Sunday dinner again, and I still wasn't that hungry. The question now is, is it better to be a starving missionary, or an over fed one?

I hit one year this week, crazy. It does not feel like I have been here that long, crazy how time flies. I love working here though, and I love the work. Just gotta focus because I only have one year left to do what the Lord needs me to do.

The Evangelist came back to church, and this time, I'm not sure how sober he was. During the passing of the Sacrament, he started crazy whispering and mumbling, and waving his white hanky around. Okay, not that bad, but later he started to just get louder and louder. Eventually, he got up and walked outside to start screaming 30 seconds later...... "HOLY GHOST.....FIRE!!!!.....JESUS FIRE!! HOLY GHOST!......FIRE!!!" for a good 10 minutes, we had to calm him down, and even after he was a bit disruptive. But that is life here for you in Ghana. All the other churches worship like that, so it's not his fault, he is worshiping God the way he knows how.

I am going to miss this country, and this mission, and my mission president, and my friends, and my investigators, and my recent converts so much when I leave. I thought I was going to leave family just once, but now I'm doing it again. I will work hard and to make them, and all of you, proud of the missionary I am. I love you all, till I email in Liberia
Elder Verdoni- A dual mission missionary
Letter to Mom
Sometimes I get sad because all my friends here or the ones I was in the MTC with, I will not see again, maybe after my mission, but that's long time lol. But I will serve the lord, and go where he wants me to go. Jealous about the food, we make spaghetti here too, but its not the same. (We had my nephew's yummy spaghetti) 


Cupcake Selfie

Beautiful Ghana artwork!

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