Monday, November 16, 2015

Nov 16, 2015

This week went by really fast, really fast. In fact this whole Transfer (a Six week period, we have started week 4) has gone by crazy fast!
But fortunately I do have some things to talk about.

Dry Season has started this month, it's one of the two seasons Liberia gets all year, Wet and Dry. But even in Dry season it rains haha, it's awesome. What's not awesome is how hot it's getting, I haven't been able to check the weather, but that with the humidity, can kill a man. Or at least try to kill me, I drank like 5 Liters of water a day this week, and I was sweating bullets. Worst part about it though, was last night. So Mad. Hot all day, come back at night, eventually get ready for bed and as I get in bed, I feel no breeze. Now mind you our generator goes off at night, so we rely on a breeze to keep us cool, especially in dry season. But no breeze, no nothing. I tried to sleep, but I was miserable. it was a really rough and uncomfortable night. Not my first, nor my last but what made it so bad was that I couldnt take it anymore, by 5:30 I was up and was too hot to go back to bed, so went to drink some water and stepped out on the balcony..AND IT WAS COLD OUTSIDE. It has been cool all night long yet for some reason it never reached into our bedroom. Haha sorry I spent so much time on this but It bugged me:)

Speaking of bug, I got attacked by one this week.
I dont know what it was. but it was a monster. It landed on my lips as I was in my room and I smacked it (and myself) off onto the floor. This thing was mean, its legs had like pricks on it and its pincers were huge! he didnt live long.

Anyway, on a real missionary note, we had our Mission Leadership Council this week. This is where us, and the President meet with the Zone Leaders to help the mission and get things moving. I love it. It's such a great opportunity to work with the leaders here and help the mission in such a direct way, also it's so awesome to learn and be with President Carlson so much, he is a great man.

Lastly, played Basketball this week with a few other Elders in our Zone. Our team was Elder Ojo, Elder Randall, and us. We dominated. Basketball is my worst sport at home, but when I play on a broken concrete slab with a make-shift hoop attached to a palm tree, I don't do half bad! It was a lot of fun. 

I love this place, even though it's really hot. I wouldn't trade this place for the world, I am so glad I'm here.
Elder Verdoni

Smile for the camera!

Playing basketball

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