Monday, November 30, 2015

Nov 30, 2015

Missionary served Hot

Hey everyone! This week was really good, we taught a lot of lessons and it was awesome! I really enjoy being able to get out more and teach. This week went by really fast though, so I really don't know if I have too much to talk about, but that might also be because I am exhausted. 

We are preparing 8 people for Baptism on the 12th of December, and it is such a great experience. One of my favorite things about being a missionary is that I am able to witness people's lives change, or see people change their lives actually. 

With the ones I'm teaching, I see just that. I am teaching one man who is from Togo. He was raised with Traditionalism or Pagan. But he wanted to know if Christianity is the right thing, and wow to see how he has grown. He reads the Book of Mormon everyday, he is so much happier and it makes me so happy to see that. I love being a missionary.

Today was really fun! We met up with the Elders in Paynesville and Congo Town to play some Soccer. Man I love soccer, it was so much fun. Our team won, did I score any? No. But I defended my goal pretty darn well, definitely improving. 

Man it was so hot today though, I am burned, but not as bad as my Companion, he looks like Rudolph haha. After the activity we all went out to eat lunch. It was such a good time being with all of these Elders, We're all pretty good friends. As we were leaving though, things got crazy. Saw a car hit a motorcycle. The bike tried to make a right turn from the inside lane and got clipped by the car. No one got hurt thankfully, and the police were right by so they responded quick and helped out! Figured it was note-worthy.

Well, sorry if this email is all over the place, I promise I tried, I am just so tired.
Love you all
Elder Verdoni
The crew
Got this sucker in my kitchen. that makes me and the bugs 2-0

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