Monday, December 7, 2015

Dec 7, 2015

Christmas Mist and RPG's

This week was a cool week! Still went by super fast but I remember much more than I did of last week! so let me talk about it!

First! Christmas Mist. So this week Christmas Mist started, it is pretty much this dense mist that covers the whole city from now till early January. From our office we can see all of Downtown, but now, I can't see any of it, it's cool. The best part is that it cools the weather down, which is so nice because it's getting so hot. It's to the point where If I'm only sweating on my face when I go to bed it's a good night and I can sleep well. It's hot here.

This week, Sister Smith, the receptionist for the Mission Office had her birthday, so she had cake. But this was real cake. PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE. It was the most delicious thing I've had in 15 months, or darn close.

Okay and as for the RPG (rocket-propelled grenade) let me explain, it's not as exciting as one would hope. We have a member at our Branch who is a good friend of ours, really cool, funny guy. We were talking to him one day and he started talking about how during the Civil War his Grandpa taught him how to work, assemble, and shoot weapons. He explained everything from AK47's to an RPG to a Grenade like it was normal. I didn't know you could do something to an RPG to stop it from exploding and instead it just becomes some huge rock that you shoot. But he did! I thought it was awesome at least. 

I also have an Investigator, Sister P, she is a great woman. The problem we face with her though is that she is illiterate and cannot speak English well. She speaks colloqua (really bad English). We were teaching her with some members this week and she brought up how Elder Treadway's name and mine were too difficult to say and remember. So the members told her to come up with names for us that she could remember. Elder Treadway is now T-Boy, and I am Sonny Boy. Those are Common nicknames here and I guess they stick with her because she really does call us that now, it's so funny.

The Embassy of the United States had a little fair this week, it's where they sell all their trinkets and souvenirs and cater it to the white folk (and make it super expensive, smart move though) Of course I went to see if I could find some things. I bought two Nativity scenes, one carved out of wood, but my favorite is MADE OUT OF BULLETS. Yeah, it's so cool. And incredible Ironic. Things made to kill and destroy are changed to represent the Prince of Peace Himself. I though it fit really well with the Scripture in Isaiah, "they shall beat their swords into plowshares."

Pretty much that was my week, I have been working in the office a lot getting ready for the Transfers today, and preparing for the new missionaries coming in Tomorrow, super excited, the Mission is growing so fast, faster than we can kind of handle, but we'll manage. This upcoming week should be filled pretty much with teaching people. Wednesday we're going to Doe Community to start teaching a large group of people who want to be baptized, really excited.
Love you! 

Letter to Mom
We met a man who is a Marine and works at the Embassy, he didn't know the church was here and has been inactive since he has been deployed. Super excited to see us, and we were super excited to meet him. Okay mostly me cause he's a marine, but he wants us to meet with him and yeah it's super cool!

Christmas is coming up! How exciting!! I am excited, they actually celebrate it here! and the Ebola rules will be lifted prior to that so I will be getting FM's! WHOOO!!! 

But really I am so glad that I am serving here, or well serving at all. I have grown up so much, physically and spiritually. I was going through older emails, I don't know how much I have changed, but I hope I have. I feel that I have. I shutter at the thought though of who I would be if I didn't serve a mission, I would be so lost and without direction and would not have nearly as much help from Above as I do now. I know I came here to bless and serve others, but I feel that I have been just as equally blessed. I love it so much.

Rasta Wig

Bullet Nativity
Craft Fair - US Embassy
Packing charcoal with a member family

Elder Treadway Helping with Laundry
 Christmas Decorations and Christmas Mist

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