Monday, December 28, 2015

Dec 28, 2015

Tis The Season to be Jolly!

This week was awesome!
But this email is gonna be short, I've just been so tired lately so this might not be the longest email.
Christmas was the big thing this week, I GOT TO TALK TO MY FAMILY, man what a time, that was so cool. I was even able to talk to Brandon, my brother, serving in Ohio, that was so cool. Anyway, I just wanted to share a few stories that I thought were interesting.

Early Christmas morning, Elder Treadway and I headed to Doe Community (a relatively far distance) to give a gift to our widowed investigator. Her husband Peter, who was also an investigator, passed away the Saturday before Christmas. We bought two, 25kg (like 50lbs) bags of rice for her for Christmas, and we dropped those off at her house in the morning while she was away (felt like Santa haha). All was good and great, till I realized I left my scripture bag, with our house keys, on the keke (thats what they call it). We are way out of our area, which is where we found him, and man I was freaking out. But I remembered that mom said something about Miracle prayers, so that's what I did. I prayed, asked God to help me find my scriptures, then went back to work. We visited a few of our investigators in Doe and spent a little time with them, it was fun. Now I really had the faith to find my scriptures, but man it was a little worry in my head the whole time, I tried my best to not focus on it though. Anyway, we did our things, hopped on another keke and headed back into town. We take the drive, and he drops us off at an intersection, as we're crossing the intersection, a keke stops at the red light and yells at us "hey I have your bible!", IT WAS THE GUY, He had them still. I gave him a hug, Then I had a stupidly big smile on my face long enough to make my cheeks hurt cause my Prayers were answered and I had my own Christmas miracle.

We have a couple of baptisms coming up soon! One this week, one on the 9th of January and another on the 16th. We've worked really hard to teach these people, and I say it every time, and I know I'll say it again later but man watching people change their lives is an incredible thing to witness. When we teach, and the Spirit touches their heart, they know it, and their spirit clings to it, clutches it and doesn't let it leave. They love the spirit and the Gospel, and so do I. It's changed my life just as much as it has changed theirs.

I hope all of you have a Great New Years! And keep ALL the resolutions you make!
Love, Elder Verdoni

She's awesome
Mom's favorite game, Plants vs Zombies

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