Monday, December 14, 2015

Dec 14, 2015

One of the Funnest Weeks Of My Mission

Oh man this week was beyond awesome. I loved every hour of the day, it was so cool! Every day is different here. After My Mission President said that, it has been proven true every day, especially for this week.

First, we had Guests most of the week!
The New missionaries arrived Tuesday night around 9 pm to our apartment. They were with us (doing orientation and getting things ready) till about 11 a.m. the next day where they were all transferred to their various areas. One of them, named Adjei-Boachie, is from Ghana, but specifically where I served! That was really cool, so we connected on old missionaries and places of his home. Really cool. 

The rest of that day and Wednesday was filled with teaching our investigators to get them ready for their baptism on Saturday, which is always fun. I love these people. Wednesday though, we went to Doe Community to teach the people there that I have talked about, we had eleven show up. They are great people too, this whole country is filled with great people. In the Evening though, Elder Hawkins arrived from the Provo MTC in Utah. So he is coming in blind to West Africa, to the heat and the language, from 20 degree weather UTAH. And all his luggage was lost on arrival to put the cherry on top. He was a great sport about it all and asked a lot of questions, which is great! He was fun to talk to. We tracked his luggage and it was stuck in Amsterdam (he never flew through there so we're still confused) but he got it about 2 days later. What a start to his mission!

Friday was the day that we were having our investigators interviewed at the Chapel for their baptism. Our District Leader, Elder Hales, and his companion Elder Adams, showed up to do the interviews. On top of those people, quite a few others were there to practice the Primary Program, and even more were setting up for a wedding the next day. So there were quite a few people there, and Elder Treadway brought a Football. It was a huge hit! from little kids to old people, they loved it. Some even surprised me by how good they could catch and throw, didn't see that coming! It was a ton of fun. 

We got the baptismal font cleaned and ready that evening for the baptism the next day.
Saturday was the baptism. It was to start around 10am. We got a call from our Zone Leaders Elder Wight and Elder Tarbah around 7 saying that their chapel baptismal font has no water, so they had to ship their four candidates from their area to ours (luckily they are pretty close). So we thought all was well until we find out that our font has no stopper and the water will just drain. Dangit. After some time, we jerry rigged our own and were ready to start the water.. but now our water didn't work! Oh man! so we ran around and the facilities manger and some others were helping us and FINALLY got it running. We just started the service as it was filling, it filled fast so that was okay. The service was great, I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. I have really gained a testimony on the wonderful and sacred Gift that is the Companionship of the Holy Spirit and the guidance, comfort, counsel and protection that He gives. I also was the one who was able to baptize our investigators, that was so cool and such a great experience, I love them all so much. 

Later that day, we went back to Doe Community to teach them again, and extended a baptismal date to sixteen of them, I've never seen a happier group of people. And I love them so much! It's so odd to me how quickly I feel close to the people there and how much love I have for them. 

Sunday was a great day too, went back to Doe Community again to teach them even more, all loved it. I still loved it. Spent the rest of that day with great members and investigators. I just love this place so much, This is where I am supposed to be, and I know it. These are my brothers and sister and I can feel it. I love them.

Also, I am learning Chinese! On of our (now) Recent Converts is fluent and teaches it at the UN, So I am trying to pick it up haha, I only have the conversational basics like "how are you, I'm fine, good morning, thank you, see you" but it's pretty cool.

Anyway yeah, thats my week. Super filled and super cool! This coming week is going to be really busy too, but I'll let you know all about it.
Elder Verdoni

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