Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Feb 15, 2016

2 Corinthians 4: 16-17

"Though the Outward Man Perish.."
Elder Wight and I have tested this scripture this week, for our outward men were worked this week!
We had a lot of good things and miracles disguised as hard work happen this week, and it was wonderful! We have been teaching a lot of people and like I've said before, It's a wonderful experience to watch someone change their life to become happier right in front of your eyes.

Three of whom are the "W" family. They were baptized this Saturday. Oh man I love this family so much! A few of their children are already members and have been a great help and support for their parents and sister. It's been so fun to get to know them so well and to just feel more and more love for them and from them every time I visit them. They we're not too serious about the Church until one of their sons left for a Mission in Nigeria, after that I assume they felt something because they started to consistently come after and just took the Gospel with their whole heart. One thing I love about them is their commitment to follow what they believe. We met the father a little tipsy one night, they next day we went over and taught them the Word of Wisdom and from that day on he hasn't touched a drink or a cigarette. And they are always so Happy!! Oh man the family is always laughing, it's never a bad time when we're at their house (their food is also delicious). Another great thing about the "W's" is that because of them, we are teaching a couple other people who live in the same building. It's really nice to see all of them get along and come to church together.

One thing I love about Liberians is for the most part, they are all friendly and helpful with each other. Because of the things they've had to endure, they tend to look after each other pretty well. Oh and everyone's family, If I ask, "Who's that, your friend?" and it's usually, "No, my brother/sister/uncle/aunt" but in reality they're just neighbors or friends. I love it.

The "W's" baptism was a pretty memorable one as well. First and foremost, our baptismal font actually had water in it this time WITH NO COMPLICATIONS. And I mean on the day of baptism, preparing the font is always complicated.. anyway, no one from the Branch Presidency arrived to preside over the baptismal service, we were all ready an hour late and couldn't wait any longer, so I gave a call to my mission president and I became the presiding authority for the service. What? haha because we're still under a District and therefore the Mission President, he was able to do that. But man it was funny! The member conducting the service said, "Presiding today is Elder Verdoni (everyone laughs) and I, Bro Darku am conducting under his direction." I laughed again. It was a great service, and it was also pretty cool to be able to give the closing remarks at the end. It was a neat experience that I don't want to forget.

Also, I ate way too much food this week. For further reference an FM is a free meal, pretty much any meal offered to us that we didn't pay for (usually from members or investigators). We had 15 FM's this week! 15! oh man it hurt.Thursday, we had 3 in 30 MINUTES. Same house, 3 different people, luckily there was four missionaries, but it was insane. Only to get another an hour later.
Saturday we had 2 in 20 minutes, oh by Saturday Evening we were just hurting.
It was so delicious, just painful.

Alright I know my letters are long. I apologize, I know how it is to read long letters so I don't blame any of you for glancing through or skipping entirely.
With Love,
Elder Verdoni

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