Monday, February 1, 2016

Feb 1, 2016

Remember when I said that I was worried that Elder Wight and I would have no investigators to teach last week?
Yup that's not an issue anymore haha,this week was filled with work, and a lot of it.
Elder Wight and I found 15 new Investigators this week, who were Either Referrals or people who just walked in to church on Sunday for the first time. It's been a great experience to meet them all and to find how easy it is to love someone.
Elder Wight and I worked pretty hard this week and saw the results.

This mission is going to get HUGE super fast. So right now, there are 62 missionaries, March 8 we get 14 more, April 19 we get 13 more and May 31 we get 11 more! 38 missionaries in 4 months. Most of the missionaries are already training, and when they are finished they and their companions will train, and that will happen again with more missionaries! So it's been a crazy couple weeks and will be a couple busy months ahead for us and every one really. But I am looking forward to getting this mission bigger and able to work harder.

Also this week I have really learned how well the Spirit can work in a Testimony.
So as missionaries we are to "testify when you teach, and teach when you testify" and I really wanted to work on that this week. I had just some incredible experiences with it. Speaking and sharing your testimony that what you've taught is the truth and can just make someone so much happier if they live it and having the spirit not only teach and touch their hearts, but to guide your testimony as you speak, is a very humbling experience and I'm very grateful I have that.

I have realized something about this Gospel, or God. All he wants is for us to be happy. Yes we all say that but I was able to think of it in such a way that just made sense to me. Every commandment ever given has been done to make us happy, or to bring us joy. And then the Lord will bless you for being happy! 

The Lord is telling us, "I command you to be happy and safe, and if you do that, I'll bless you!" haha It's a win win! No wonder King Benjamin says" Consider the Blessed and happy state of those who keep the commandments of God" All God wants for us is to know "complete Joy" and that comes from his commandments, he designed and gave us those specifically for the reason of bringing Joy into our lives and into our families. 

"Prove me herewith, saith the Lord." Test His promises, and they will bring a greater sense of love, and peace, and joy into your life.
Elder Verdoni

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