Monday, January 25, 2016

Jan 25, 2016

Loving Life and Living the Dream

I can't really tell if this week was fast or slow, all I know is that it was a busy one for sure.
This first full week with Elder Wight was incredible! He is a solid missionary.We had a good amount of the week to proselyte and and it went great, our teaching pool is now larger and have new investigators who seem very prepared to receive the gospel. 

It was really cool to see God's Tender mercies because I was praying to Him to help us find people to teach, because Elder Treadway and I had worked with everyone we knew already, and the Lord provided. We have met so many people who are just so interested! We have two investigators who were notorious in their area because of how heavily they criticized the Church, now that they've seen how their friends lives have been changed, they want to learn more and are very open, how cool!

We are teaching a couple, "E" and "M" who just got their marriage certificate and can now be baptized. They have a son serving a mission in Nigeria and they are very excited to finally be baptized, it's been a long journey for them. I am so excited for them as well, they are wonderful people and have a great family, to see the Gospel bringing them closer making them happier has been a miracle to witness. 

Anyway, Elder Wight and I have been getting up at 6:00 to exercise and get ready, and I have loved it! It's been a cool experience because I used to exercise at night but now with that and waking up earlier, I have actually been able to feel the Spirit more in the mornings, which is so funny, all I did was wake up 30 minutes earlier, but I did and it's helped a lot.

And Today, we played kickball with our District and the New Georgia District today, It was so fun! I haven't played kickball since 6th grade but it was so great. Got a lot of sun today and it, along with this week, has killed Elder Wight and me. 

But To sum it up, I am loving life and living the dream
Elder Verdoni
 Exchanges in Matadi

Elder Wight and I
our District and the New Georgia District

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