Monday, January 11, 2016

Jan 11, 2016

Winter came Late.. then Left 4 day later


Okay this week was incredible! We had a lot of work and had gorgeous weather.
Elder Treadway and I were walking Tuesday and we noticed something very, very odd; We weren't sweating! I hadn't broken a sweat yet and it's nearlynoon! that's unheard of. The weather was perfect, with a super nice breeze. It lasted all day, and then into the night. It's the night that got rough. The wind kept up and it got really, really cold. I had my sweatpants on with my sweater. We slept with the fans off and the windows closed and I was still cold. This lasted three or four days. Just so cold! And lots of rain! made the sky look gorgeous though in the morning but the showers almost unbearable. People were walking around in huge snow jackets and all bundled up.
I checked the weather.. The lowest it got, was 71 Degrees. I WAS FREEZING AT 71 DEGREES! I'm afraid.

Other than that We had a baptism this week at Doe Community and it was sweet! Elder Treadway performed the baptism and was shivering the entire time, haha but it was great. That Sunday they were confirmed into the church and received the Holy Ghost. The first hour went like this: opening hymn and prayer, confirmations, the passing of the sacrament, closing hymn and prayer. It took the whole time haha, best sacrament meeting ever.

Also, Elder Stanfill of the Seventy is here for a mission tour tomorrow! I am so excited! We had a small meeting with him and President Carlson to just discuss what the tour will be like and the spirit in that room was incredible, I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Transfers are coming up this week and the whole mission is going to be shuffling as we have 14 new Elders who need trainers, that's a lot, and some new Leadership assignments will also be made so this next week is going to be an exciting one for missionaries!

Preparing for another baptism this week as well, if all goes well.
I love you all and I love what I'm doing.
Elder Verdoni

Winter attire!

 Look What I caught!

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