Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan 17, 2016

New Companion!

So this week was a great one (as always, I might add)
Well the first big thing, I have a new companion! Elder Treadway was transferred to open up Doe Community! They now have there own full-time missionaries and he will get to work his last six weeks of his mission there, he is super excited about it!

My companions name is Elder Wight from Vancouver, Washington. The guy is great, He has been one of our Zone Leaders and is an extremely hard worker! I'm stoked. He arrived here from Matadi early this morning, so it's been a good day.

Also, We had another Baptism this week! This one was a bit more of a struggle, our font still wasn't working and we didn't want to go to the beach again, so we made our way to the Matadi Chapel. We were going to pay for everyone to take a motorcycle there but Felix, a member who Helps out the mission pulls up outta no where and gives us all a lift (6 of us). The service went really well, I am so happy for them, they all have been waiting a long time for this day and worked really hard to get here.

We also had a Mission Tour with Elder Stanfill of the Seventy on Tuesday! He is so cool. I loved interacting with him, and he is such a good teacher/leader. President Carlson and us met with him the day prior to the Mission Tour to discuss it, and that was a fantastic meeting. I learned a lot of things and that little meeting really helped me redouble my efforts here, especially in the assignment that I am in. The meeting went really well, it was a really good time. President and Sister Carlson also gave us belated Christmas gifts; Ties! we all got a new tie, plus the new tie that I got in a package from my mom, IT WAS A GREAT WEEK FOR MY NECK AND MY SPIRIT.

It has been super hot this week, with the exception of today. Today's been weird, Like right now as I type the wind is whistling through our balcony doors and windows, the ocean outside is a super dark menacing grey which I've never seen, with some big waves. And the Clouds are low, dark, and racing across the sky. It's rained really heavy today too, so heavy that at some points you have to yell to speak when you're outside because the rain is so loud, with the accompanying thunder. So today's been incredible.

I love you all, sorry I don't share super cool spiritual experiences like my brother does, he's much better at that than I am. He is a stellar missionary!
Elder Verdoni

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