Tuesday, May 12, 2015

May 11, 2015
Call Home

Hey everyone! Well it was that time of the year where I get to call home and wow it was good! The other parts of the week was good too so lets see if I can talk about:

So yeah I got to talk to my family yesterday! I used a webcam at my chapel and got to talk to them all! I did it around 3pm my time which is like 8am your time (which is still weird) and I got to talk to them for a while. The only thing that was tough for me was just the fact that Jacob was drinking milk (which I don't have) and they all ate cinnamon rolls in front of me (they really love me) but It was really great to see them all. I can't believe it is already that time in my mission where I call home again, and before I know it I will do it again, crazy. I miss my family, but I do love Ghana.

So this week we had 3 baptisms! It was a young man named Samuel and his two nephews Isaac and Theophilus (I love that name) They are great people and their whole family is wonderful. We have gotten pretty close with the rest of the family and hope to start teaching them as well. But from the get-go these three are at church every Sunday, they read the Book of Mormon everyday and they know it is true, I love them all. Samuel is like the best dancer in this part of the country or something so A LOT of people know him, which is great. he is just a good guy.
But mainly that was my week, I don't have too much to talk about, did most of that yesterday:) So take care!
Till next week
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom
Thank you for letting me see the most beautiful mom in the world! It was really nice but I agree real tough to go. (We ended up in the "who was going to hang up first")
I loved talking to you all so much, It really made my day. Even though I wasnt able to see Dad, he could see me and that was good enough for me, I love him and am so proud of him.
Yeah my companion is a great guy! (I told him his companion was a hoot! He peeked in on the "Skyping" and was a little silly over seeing Elder Verdoni's girlfriend, and he taught us some Nigerian words like "How fa?" = How are you doing, and "I dey o" = I am fine )
But life is great otherwise, spending the night in Kumasi for more tests tomorrow but didn't know that until today so we have no extra clothes, no deo no nothing, so it'll be an adventure ;) I am grateful for Sister holmes, she allowed me to come and email. And I love the Barney's, They're a senior couple and we've been with them all day today and they're great. I have loved them since I've been in Ghana. I've gotten real close with them too. I had a CHEESEBURGER for lunch, with the Barneys at some nice food joint that sold burgers, so I got it and it was good! like home? no but good. And after that I have been pretty satisfied, so I'm not sure if I'll eat tonight, if I do it'll be small like Garri soakings. )
But yeah mom I am happy, and well my time is up! Please tell Dad and Kylie and the kids for me that I love them and miss them and will email them as soon as I can!
Thanks mom for everything! You're the best.
And yes I took money, we ate:) (He ran out of money too early but hasn't used his American bank card once, so we told him to as he only ate bread Sunday. Silly boy!)
love you!
Elder Verdoni
Happy Mother's Day!
Elder Verdoni & Elder Ikot
Elder Williamson and Elder Verdoni
Umm, is it good?Cocoa - like chocolate

Really sweet, not like chocolate though, 
I need to ferment the seeds, 
but you lick off the white gooey stuff 
and it's good!

KFC in Ghana

Gari is a fine to coarse granular flour of varying texture
made from cassava tubers (also called cassava roots)
which are cleaned, grated, water and starch squeezed
out of it, left to ferment and then fried.
For a snack it can be soaked in water or milk + sugar

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  1. That must have been sweet to see and hear from your son. He has a wonderful outlook on his mission work.