Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015

A Week Off My Mission

Okay so I really wasn't off my mission for a week but it sure felt like it, let me exlain why!

So as I said last week, I will be headed to Accra for my companions doctor appointments, which we did. We left on Thursday. But Monday through Wednesday we were in Kumasi for our Zone meeting, we would have gone back to Bibiani on Tuesday, but there was no point if we needed to come back Wednesday afternoon, so we stayed. It was a good time, I love Zone Meetings, get to see some good friends.

But on Thursday Elder Barney, Sister Barney (mission nurse, they're both so great), Elder Williamson and I set off to Accra, ROADTRIP!! I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited, cause I was. It was about a 5 hour trip to Accra, and we stayed at the ancillary building at the temple grounds! Wow, gorgeous temple, albeit tiny. I loved being so close to a house of the Lord. We met Elder (West Africa Area medical adviser) and sister Hill who took us all out to dinner. We went to Fiesta Royale, a hotel and wow it was delicious. We went to their buffet and holy cow, pork and chicken and beef and mushroom and rolls and everything I cant get normally. It was so, so, so, good. That was the end of that day though.

Friday morning, Elder Hill took Elder Williamson to his appointments while I stayed with the Barney's to do some shopping for the Holmes'. It was fun! I had a great time! and we went to some really nice stores, they reminded me of home, had a lot of North American things too, so that was cool. After shopping for hours we met back up with the Hills and my companion at the temple again for lunch. I had rice and plantain. delicious. And we started back to Kumasi around 4pm. We got to the mission home around 8:30pm and since it was so late we stayed with the AP's. We finally made it home Saturday late afternoon.

Sunday the Holmes' came to our Branch for church! it was a blast seeing them there, Elder Essel has been transferred to Techiman so this was his last meeting here. But that was my week, if it sounds odd or off or something, I haven't eaten yet today and that's what my brain is stuck on, love you all!

Elder Verdoni

Accra Ghana Temple

 Looks like home... and hey, Pierogies!

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