Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015

Life in Bibiani

This week was a pretty good week, transfers came and Elder Essel left, so we have another Elder here, Elder Mkandla from Zimbabwe. He's cool!

So yes like I said Elder Mkandla is a great guy, he is our District Leader, and he came from Tamale (the north). He has been out for about 6 months now, crazy to think I have been out for 9.  But there is still great unity with him here and we're all working really hard.
You know who else is working real hard? MOSQUITOES. Wow they can eat someone alive here. like me. I counted the bites on my feet and it was 23. 23! haha Just on my feet, so I decided not to keep counting on the rest of my body. I am very surprised that I haven't contracted malaria yet but I don't want it so I'm fine with that.
And so usually every two weeks we pull 135 Ghana Cedis to live off of, but today we were only allowed to pull 70 (roughly 15 USD lol) so that needs to last us, quite the challenge but were up to it! We will be okay, we bought enough food to last us a while today.
But really that's my week, teaching lots of people, which is probably something I should write about as well, maybe I could work on that haha, but thanks for all the love, you guys are great. Keep on keeping on.
Elder Verdoni

Waiting for an investigator selfie


 -Laundry day

Free meal!

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