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June 29, 2015

No Longer The Only Elder Verdoni!

So Wednesday was a crazy day for me as well. Brandon left on his mission that day, but I couldnt celebrate till like 6pm that day since I'm half a world away and 7 hours ahead, but I am beyond proud of my brother in serving a mission. (They both wore their Avenger watches that day)

Anywho, this week was a little tough, to be honest, but regardless, I loved it, learned a lot:
So I have read from Exodus to 1 Samuel (I'm halfway done) in about 2 weeks! I've been studying the O.T and it's sweet! (besides the endless chapters of how and what to sacrifice, those were tough to endure) Actually learning a lot and it's fun, so that's good.

Our apartment has bikes now! Well two, so we share them, but they're mostly used to go get food or exercise, we're used to walking. We've gone 3 days now without power, our power box on the side of our house exploded the other day and we're waiting to get it fixed. Consequently, I have moved my mattress and slept outside the past two days, the onslaught of mosquitoes is worth the risk if it's nicer outside than inside. 

My new mission president comes in this week! I'm super excited to see how he will progress the mission, but I am sad to see President and Sister Holmes go, I'll miss them.

We had a baptism this week! both companionships had one! It should have been a total of 5, but one or two things got in the way, they'll be baptized in the next coming weeks. My investigator was Adwoa (add-jew-ahh) a nine year old relative of my recent convert, S***.  She is super smart.
That was my week though, I just love being a missionary, and its challenges, trials, joys and blessings it brings.
Hope all is well with you all
Love, Elder Verdoni

From Elder Bush - (He shares apartment)  

Wed 24
Hey am so happy to write you lately, my name is KELVIN JOSEPH BUSH,(ELDER BUSH), from Nigeria, and am serving in Ghana Kumasi mission, for twenty months now, at these short period of time, have come to be in the same apartment with your son ELDER VERDONI, I really love him so much, and have really learn alot from him even though am older on mission than him, but av come to learn and experience much from him, and one of the most powerful experience is when ever he share with me the love and support he usually have from you guys, he really make me feel like I could be part of ur family if possible, I have seen the pictures and with that I can see that he has a great and God fearing family, here in Ghana, he is my only brother, his words of encouraging, loving stories, testimonies, love and care, and etc....

I really want to thank you guys for having such a son like Micheal, he is so special, and he really change my believe. I will always miss him, I love him, and I want to meet with him again....and am happy that your son, Brandon Verdoni is leaving on mission today.......so happy wow.....I will love to see you guys soon.......am serving my coins hahahahhahhhah for my flight.

Mon 29
Hey mom, I know how you feel for letting go of your 2 great sons, (ELDER MICHEAL VERDONI, ELDER BRANDON VERDONI), hey mom, trust me you have lots of blessing for your great support for your kids, your son here in Ghana Kumasi mission is doing great, people love him, because of how he associate we the people here, he really take people as his own brother and sisters, for me I see these to be picture of how is home looks like.

So as for your kid ELDER BRANDON VERDONI, with his look I know he is a powerful guy who is willing to serve His Heavenly Father with all his heart, might, mind and strength, and mom I want you to know that his service there in Cincinnati(OHIO), will be of great blessing to the family, all what he needs is prayer, mails, packages and etc.

Verdoni is missing you guys, but I will miss him more than you guys. hahahahahaha, never mind am just kidding ,but I love this guy, even last week went to KFC, mom it was so awesome, and we are planing of going there again, so mom, take good care of yourself, as for verdoni, he is doing well, ELDER BUSH



Elder Bush

Not sure what this is?


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