Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8,2015

Rainy season has begun!

Well, this week was pretty good! The weather has changed a bit and we got hit real hard with rain!

I believe it's been some time since I really talked about my investigators, so I'll do that. 
We are teaching a man named SN*, his uncle is a member, and he is about 23 years old. I love his enthusiasm, he is progressing so well! He reads the Book of Mormon consistently and has been coming to church. My favorite thing though is the Spirit you can feel when we have lessons with him. He is just so attentive and spiritually in tune. The lessons always leave me edified and uplifted. He is planning on being baptized this Sunday! so I'll let you know.

Rainy season has struck Ghana (if you've heard about Accra, how sad), and in Bibiani it has been showing its stuff! One day we were literally rained out, It rained, heavily from 7am to 8pm. non stop. Wow! Our apartment is on a big hill and so we get some good wind and when the clouds are low enough we get engulfed in them, it's really cool. Speaking of cool, this week has been unusually cool in terms of the weather here, it's been great, I love rainy season.

I've discovered how to make my Ramen noodles in a way where they taste like chow mein noodles from Panda express! (I doubt they do, but I tell myself that)
That's really all I have though, my Twi is improving day by day, I love it! and above all life is just great. Being a missionary is great.
Love you all
Elder Verdoni

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