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Jun 22, 2015


Well the subject is in reference to whatever I wrote last week, I need to clarify it.
I was watching the replies come and everyone is freaking out like "wow that high and you lived?!" and so on. I was like "what? it wasn't that bad" then I realized I wrote like 107.8 or something. I don't know what the heck I was writing but I meant 103.7. so, yeah, not deadly. Okay great!:)

This week was really fast, I really don't remember too much of it, or rather none of it was really like super exciting, but I can mention a few things:

I had an observational exchange with the Zone Leaders this week, basically it's when one of the Zone Leaders goes with my companion and I and observes haha. It was fun, he was with us for about 7 hours. At the end we discussed how it was and what can be improved. I thought I was good missionary, and I'm sure I am, I suppose, but I love when the Zone Leaders come because they just help you get back on track (NOTE: I'm just talking about the way I teach, always room to improve).

I loved his counsel and I am trying real hard to make the necessary adjustments, but it's good. I can be better, so I will become better. There's always room to improve and sometimes only someone from the outside can really see what you can improve on most. I love it. I love knowing that I can become the missionary the Lord needs me to be.

The work is moving well in Bibiani, We are expecting some baptisms this Sunday, I love seeing people change their lives for something they know is true. The blessings they've experienced and will experience is a good enough blessing for me. I love the work.

Also, My brother Brandon (or Elder) Verdoni leaves on his mission this week! what the what? it just hurts my brain, how is he going on a mission? time flies so fast, life is a crazy thing.

My mission president leaves in a week, back to South Africa. I am gonna miss him a lot, I wrote him for the last time today and It's actually really sad, I'm gonna miss him but I am excited for the new Mission president to come, he's from Utah. He will really help the mission grow.

That was my week though, or well what I wanted to talk about!

Till next week, when I'm no longer the only Elder Verdoxni!
Elder Verdoni (the one in Africa)

Letter to Family
I agree this week was really, really fast. Sorry this is so early, (4:30am my time) but were doing a lot of things today so we needed to email first.
Wow, thats a long day for a hike!(Fossil Springs 5 mile one way took me forever like 12hrs) at least it was fun, even if it was difficult. Love the temple story, I am so happy for B (it's what the kids call Brandon)  and for you mom, that's great. I love this Church. 
And I love Pete's, wow I miss Pete's. (Pete's Fish & Chips)

Brandon has always done a great job at giving talks, (Amazing Farewell talk) I have improved greatly since I have been here, which is good since I give a talk in church about every three months - Missionary Sunday. I love you guys so much. I miss you all tons but this family is great.We're the coolest family ever and I am so lucky to be related to you all, I feel honored.
can't believe B  is a missionary and I'm almost halfway through. Life is weird and so is time.
love you all.
Your big bro/son
Elder Michael Verdoni

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