Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hey Guys!! Well we had more baptisms this week, and I'm going to Accra!

So, I'll start with Tuesday.
I spent most the day in the Mission Home while my companion was in the hospital for some eye tests, so I stayed with the office elders, (the elders that work in the office) and it was really cool! I really love those guys, but It was just nice to spend so much time there, with President and Sister Holmes, The office elders and yeah, so it was good. We got back to Bibiani that night.

Yes we had a few more baptisms this week! which was great and if all goes well we will have 2 more next week! Bibiani has been really nice and fruitful so it keeps us working hard.
But this week, I don't get to proselyte at all, and here's why; Today, and tomorrow we are supposed to be in Kumasi for our Zone Meeting, but Wednesday we'll be here too because Thursday we (me and my companion, elder Williamson) are headed to Accra with the Barney's, a Senior Couple. Elder williamson has some needed tests and Accra has the best stuff so we are going there. Now Accra is out of my mission boundaries so this is like, really rare! But I am excited at least, it'll be fun. We will return Saturday morning (6 hour drive) so it will quite the week, of no proselyting, which is tough but I'll manage:)

And as I am sure some of you know, my brother Brandon got his mission call to Cincinnati Ohio!!
Which is crazy!! I am so sure that he'll love it! I am so excited for him! but yeah that was my week, so I love you all and I'll tell you all about Accra next week!
Elder Verdoni

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