Monday, October 12, 2015

Oct 12, 2015

Wait, It's Monday? But I have nothing to talk about!

This week went too fast. I really don't have too much to talk about, but let's see what I can think of.

We worked with President Carlson a lot this week, it was cool, I love him so much, he is a great man. Really look up to him. I have been doing a lot of paper work as well, like finances and schedules and more agendas and what what. Actually thought my computer/ technical ability would be greatly diminished since I was 1) going on a mission and 2) going on a mission to West Africa.. But I was wrong. I have become a Microsoft Excel wizard, to put it humbly. Haha really though we work all the time on the computer, I do enjoy it but man there are times where I just wanna forsake it all and just go outside and teach people all day, so that's a good thing.

We got a new senior couple this week, the Allen's, from Canada. They're pretty cool! They will be an office couple (working in the office, taking care of office things) so we will see them a lot, cool.

Also, ever heard of the card game Egyptian Ratscrew? No? cus I didnt, but it's awesome! It's played back home so I might just be living under a rock, but it's fun. I won yesterday. Considering I have been companions with Elder Treadway for four weeks, and I think this is the 2nd time I won anything against him, so yeah, I was stoked.

Really that is my week, I don't have much else. Might buy some Breyers Ice cream tomorrow because that's a thing here and IT'S ICE CREAM.

Sorry this email isn't super spiritual and/or all about missionary work and my investigators but this week flew, so next week should be better in that aspect.
Till next week!
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom
(I asked if he knew how many missionaries he will be getting)
We are getting 6 this month (they should arrive in the MTC Wednesday), and 12 in December with 8 more in January.

Car Selfie
Cool Sunset
In the Chapel

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