Monday, October 19, 2015

Oct 19, 2015

This Week Was Awesome

So this week was really, really productive and rewarding. I loved this week and it really reaffirmed to me that this is where I am supposed to be serving and where I am supposed to be in general, here's why:

We (Elder Treadway and I) are preparing nine people for their baptism on the 24th of October, so this week. I have never had so much joy with so much stress! To teach these nine people enough and to see them enough to prepare them correctly for their baptism on top of maintaining other and finding new investigators ON TOP of all the office and Assistant work that we've been doing this week, has been really hard work, But I have loved every second. 

These nine people, A*n, A*h, K*y, D*a, P*e, C*t, C*s, A*a, and J*h are incredible people and are so prepared. They love this Gospel so much and some of them make great sacrifice to come and to be taught. For example, P*e walks an hour with a baby on her back to come to the chapel to be taught for 30-45 minutes and walks another hour home because we cant go to where she lives (called Westpoint, some of the worst slums in West Africa, we're banned to go there by the Mission and the UN) But she does it with such a willing heart, because she knows why she is doing it. It's crazy how close I have gotten to these people in just one month, but I have.

Liberia is incredible. I love it here so much, more than I could quite put into words. I know with all my heart that this is where I am supposed to be, and I am doing my best to magnify my calling while I'm here. It's a really cool experience to be called out by people here, but they dont call us or yell "Missionaries!" they call out "Elders!" and it's actually really cool. They know us as "The Elders" which I have come to love considering I can only be called Elder for another 10 months or so, So I take it and cherish it.

Had a really cool insight this week, I have been studying the New Testament again for a bit and this week I read John 13. Wow, I loved this chapter. It really just showed me how much the Savior loves us and how much he will do to serve us. Verses 1 - 13 when he washed the Apostles feet really got me. That Jesus Christ, The Savior and Redeemer of all mankind, got on his hands and knees, literally descended below the rest, and washed their feet. It didn't hit me much back home, but here and in Ghana, washing peoples feet is an actual thing as most people wear sandals and it's dusty. That job is the lowest of the low. The Apostles knew that, which is why Peter rejected it at first, but he missed the message Christ was trying to send. Christ was willing to do something so low, void of any mite of honor or respect even though He is the Literal Son of God. So if the Son of God Himself can do that, how much more can I humble myself and step out of my way to serve another?

This week was just awesome.
Elder Verdoni
I believe you can see the excitement on my face

This bowl and I have similar feelings

All food related pictures this week!

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