Monday, March 7, 2016

Mar 7, 2016
Well I can tell you this week went by fast. Okay It didn't start out fast but it really sped up!
Elder Wight and I were in the office most of this week helping prepare for this upcoming transfer. We are getting 14 new missionaries on Tuesday! So we had to find 14 Elders to train them, and where to put them, and how and where and when to train the "trainers." It was a lot more work than you think. But now, with these new missionaries the only missionaries that are not training are two Zone Leaders, and Elder Wight and I. Oh and the Sisters, but that wont last long. They will train next month when we get 15 more missionaries, and then 11 more in May..that's a lot. I hope we have enough missionaries to train them and enough places to put them. It's been quite a ride. But we excited to meet these new missionaries and get them out into the field.

The whole thing (I mean working in the office all day) was pretty slow at first, Elder Wight made the comment, "Man this week is dragging, it's onlyWednesday! This time last week it was already Saturday!" We laughed but it's true. And as the week went on it sped up as we got used to the office work, and headaches, lots of headaches. But in the end, it worked out well and worth the headaches.

Really that's the bulk of my week, I was able to go on exchanges though in Matadi with Elder Hales. He is a Zone Leader, and a District Leader, and he's Training. He's got his hands full, but welcome to Liberia. It was a great time! I loved it. Elder Hales is an excellent Missionary and being a different area, okay being able to work at all was just great. And on Sunday Elder Wight and I went on splits. That means I took a member with me, and one went with Elder Wight and we "split" up to go teach some lessons. Now that was fun! Kinda odd being the only missionary but the Members, especially Moses, the one I was with, were solid. Taught some great people.

But yeah, that's my week! This week we get to receive, host, and orientate the new missionaries! I'm pretty excited. 4 Americans, 2 Ghanaians, and 8 Nigerians. Sweet!
Elder Verdoni

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