Monday, March 28, 2016

Mar 28,2016

Ether 6:10

That whether they were in Good times, or bad they had the Light of Christ with them, or hope, or faith with them. 

In fact a lot of Ether 6 is where I got some really good insights about faith and the Light of Christ. 
This week was good and fast (too many of those here). We went on Exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Brewerville, Elder Randall and Elder Pabie. I went with Elder Randall who is from Mesa! In fact, he went to my rival high school Mountain View. It was a ton of fun and he's a great missionary! It was real nice to get out of the city and into the "bush". Okay it's not bush but no big buildings, no cars, all grass, trees, and dirt. Loved it.

The work in our area though is doing great, I am just so impressed at some of our investigators, the same ones I talked about last time, "E" and "I" and how much they have done to come closer to Christ and prepare themselves for Baptism. "E" has probably changed the most. She's a lot happier, and she's gotten real close with some of the other girls in the branch. Which is great! We've also had a lot of members who have stepped up and helped us with the missionary work this week, which was a miracle. They do such a fantastic job. There's just something from a testimony coming from a fellow Liberian than from some foreign white guy from the States.

Funny thing about Liberia: Good Friday is a national holiday for them, so you would think that, Yes of course, they know all about Easter. But 9 out of 10 of my investigators couldn't tell me why we celebrate Easter.. and it was barley mentioned in my branch on Sunday.. hahah TIA (This Is Africa) (it's a real term) Although we made sure to talk about it to everyone we saw, and it went really well.

Well, really I'm struggling to think of what to say. We played basketball today with the Gardnersville Zone! That was a lot of fun, but holy cow it was hot. Man dry season is getting deadly lately! It be no small ting-oh, the sun don bea (beat) you well-oh! so yeah, that's my daily vernacular, I love it. 
But I love you guys more,
Elder Verdoni

Letter to Mom
So yeah, that's it pretty much. But man it is so hot! The Dry season is bad now. Everywhere is hot and there's no escape. Good thing I have a fan. If I shower at night I don't dry off, I just sleep wet. It helps sooo much. I am just sweating bullets all day! haha but that's the name of the game though here in LIB.

Also, I had one of the spiciest meals I've ever had this week. Now I can take spice, more than what the average american can most likely. The pepper they use here is as spicy as the Habanero pepper, so wicked hot. I can take it most the time. But we got one meal this week, it was so hot, that everytime I stopped taking a bite and drank cold water, I got dizzy and light headed. And then it didn't even take water anymore, I was just dizzy every bite. But it was so good that we couldn't stop! Also, we didn't want to be rude. At length, we finished it. When I tried to stand up, I lost balance and fell back into my chair. Hahaha It was wild, but delicious!

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