Monday, April 4, 2016

Apr 4, 2016

Remember Who You Are And What God Expects You To Become

First and foremost, conference was incredible this week! General Conference is always a treasure for missionaries but it was a big a treasure for the Saints in Liberia as well! This was the first time ever they had the opportunity to watch a live broadcast of the Conference! Many members worked really hard to get the satellite working and everything set in time, and they did. What an experience it was to watch Conference live in a chapel half a world away. Also, Elder Hallstrom's talk/shout out to the Liberian Saints really put the Spirit in the room. I can reaffirm what he said about the Spirit that attended that meeting on that "Hot and humid Sunday morning." The Spirit there was easily comparable to what one can feel at the Temple, at least what I have felt at the Temple. What a day that was, and what an experience it was to hear Elder Hallstrom talk about it in General Conference!

Unfortunately, Liberia is on the other half of the planet so we start Conference a bit later than everyone else. The morning session started by 4pm. The Morning Sessions were the only ones we were able to watch Saturday and Sunday, but Elder Wight and I were able to watch the rest of Conference on a computer.

This week was good otherwise, not too much to report or talk about honestly. Still preparing a few for baptism and what an experience it has been for them and for me. A couple of our investigators, "G"and "E", have been changing their lives for awhile now. There have been noticeable changes in their attitude, their demeanor, their friendships, and even their dress. It's been a great thing to witness. But this week at different times we had the opportunity to hear them bear their testimonies to us in a lesson or to someone else while we were present, and they blow me away. Their testimonies are beautiful and strong. Committed and touched by the Spirit of God, these two woman are being converted to Christ. I can't explain it well but to hear their testimony and feel the Spirit as they do, and to hear the thought in my head, "Wow, this is not the person I met 2 months ago. They wouldn't say this." It's just a remarkable thing.

Both of them, along with two others, "I" and "J", will be baptized this Saturday! We're excited for them all! And I will let you know how it goes!

Another Unfortunate thing is that I did not take any photos this week hahah, I will try to find something though.

Don't be afraid to make the right choice, even if it's hard. It will be worth it.
Elder Verdoni

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