Monday, April 11, 2016

Apr 11, 2016

HEAT There is no escape

Well this week was pretty good and really busy!
We worked a lot this week with E, J, I and G to prepare them for there baptism. Now, of course this was not without its fair share of wahala's and close calls but all was well. They are wonderful people and I love them so much! I say it every time but it is just so cool to see someone change their attitude, their behavior, their whole nature, because of Christ. It's my favorite part about my mission by far. 

We get there Saturday morning and YES there was water in the font this time! (A Miracle) but the next problem was the baptismal clothes. Oh man what a struggle, with not enough clothes, or too small, or too big, or ripped, or all of that. But we put our heads together and managed to pull something out that worked out for everyone!

The Baptismal service went wonderful and 4 more people found themselves happier and closer to God than ever before. I'm glad I was able to play a part in that.

Other than that though the sun is still burning the wicked and the righteous suffer along with them here in LIB! It's just that kind of heat where it's just as hot in the shade as it is in the sun and even hotter inside a building and you sweat from every single pore and it's only 12pm. But we "manage" as they say and make it through. Although whatever we go through living condition-wise is worth what we experience spiritually as missionaries (like the aforementioned baptism) so
I love it.

And just to add a piece of Liberia to you, during Elders Quorum at church this Sunday the Second Counselor in the Branch said "You are all welcome to the 3rd session, called the Elders.. uhh.. Elders Department." I love this country, at least they try their best.
Anyhow have a good week!
Elder Verdoni

 So close

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