Monday, April 18, 2016

Apr 18, 2016

The weather is getting less hot, not cool, just less hot.

So as per the subject, the weather the last couple of days have been pretty bearable! We even had rain this week, just one day but still, Rainy season is creeping in. It'll come in like a lamb and leave like a lion. FUN FACT: In the month of June Monrovia, Liberia receives more rain than Vancouver, Washington does in an ENTIRE YEAR. So you can say I'm pumped. Gotta break in those rain boots sometime. (LIB is around 210 inches annually)
You know, I beg for the rain but when it comes and doesn't stop your gonna find me begging for sun haha.

This week was great though! We've tried real hard to find more people to teach and the Lord has provided! We had four people come to church for the first time on Sunday. In Sunday School they were asked to stand and give their names and who invited them. One said, "Elder Wight" the other, "my brother Matthew" (Recent Convert) and the last to said, "I was invited by the Holy Spirit." Awesome. We were excited to meet them and they were quite excited to meet us too. We'll be meeting them this week.

We (Elder Wight and I) are trying to find ways to liven up Sinkor Branch, because we've seen the branch getting a little stagnant lately. So we teamed up with Matadi Branch and their missionaries to hold a missionary Fireside on Saturday! So the Matadi branch and their missionaries (Elders Bio, Akiem, Lota, and Hales) came to our branch! It was so fun. We had Moses talk on the Restoration and then watched the Restoration movie. After, we had rice with beans! so good, so so good. and then played Volleyball. That was a winner. We have a net at our chapel and so we set it right up and played with the members! Even some of our investigators played, it was awesome! In fact we loved it so much, we did it again today. The Matadi Elders came along with some members and the same with us and we played for a couple hours! So it was definitely a great weekend!
One thing I love is that Sinkor is pretty close to Matadi and I've been here long enough that I know many members and the Presidency from the branch, and vise versa, so it's really fun!

Nothing too crazy though, at least from what I can remember. We get 12 new missionaries tomorrow, 9 Elders and 3 Sisters! So excited!
Elder Verdoni

 Because it takes more than one pic to get everyone's smile!

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