Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, 2016

Mothers Day!

This week was great! And not just because It was Mothers Day! We didn't teach as many lessons this week as normal but he has a couple busy days in the office!

Some cool things that happened is that I ate Fish balls! They're like meatballs, but instead made of fish. One of the people we're teaching made it for us and it was absolutely delicious! So good!

Also Elder Wight and I drove around town on Saturday! We had to pick up a Branch Missionary ( A member who will serve with a Full-Time missionary for a few weeks) in Paynesville and drop him off in Gardnersville. Elder Wight drove there to drop him off because he knows how to get to Gardnersville. We dropped him at the Elders apartment and talked with them for a while, it was good. I've never been to that apartment before, but now I know it's a nice place! We also stopped by a member that Elder Wight helped to reactivate, Sister "A." Super sweet woman! 

After that, it was my turn to drive. Best part about it is that the truck is stick, so it's pretty fun, and it's diesel which makes it even more fun! The horrible dirt roads were a breeze and life was good till I got to SOMALIA DRIVE. Some of the worst traffic (if not THE worst) in the entire country happens on Somalia drive and we got caught in it. Like, I was still driving, which was a blast, so I didn't mind too much, but it took us an hour to travel what would normally take 5 minutes. This road isn't really good either, it's a narrow two lane road that isn't well paved, yet one of the busiest roads traveled. All in all we had a blast regardless, but a planned 4 hour trip took us 6 haha.

Okay also Mothers Day! The day was great!
Church was really good and we had a lot of great investigators there and a few new visitors as well. They're very excited to learn more so we will help them do just that! But We were excited for Mothers day because we wanted to show our mothers our love for them. Yes I mean our biological ones but also the women that have taken wonderful care of us. There are four; Kunbi, Comfort, Emma, and Rosalyn. We wrote them letters and gave them a little gift. We went to Kunbi's house with some members for lunch and it was so great!

Talking to my family was awesome as well! The webcam didn't work but oh well, talking to family is still talking to family! It was a great time and they kept reminding me that the next time I speak to them will be at the airport hahah.
LOOK PEOPLE I STILL HAVE TIME hahah. So good to see them all though.

I am working hard and loving what I do. I am happy and healthy loving life.
Elder Verdoni
 Calling home!

Our Mothers in Africa


 Kids in Africa!


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