Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016

"Faith is trust in what the spirit learned eons ago"

This week was nice and busy!
We had Zone Conferences and a baptism, so we sure did have our hands full!

Zone Conferences happen every three months and it's when the Mission President meets with the various Zones in the mission, it's always an exciting time for missionaries. It was a lot of work to plan and prepare those conferences but they went really well. I enjoyed them at least. We had two conferences with two Zones at each one. 

I gave a talk at one of them about Faith. It's never been something I've worried about, I've always focused on "bigger" things, my humility, or diligence but never my faith. "Blessed are they who humble themselves without being compelled to be humble" (Alma 32:13) He humbled me. I had a series of events happened that made me realize that my faith IS NOT enough. "Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief" was an honest prayer of mine. The Lord brought me low so that he could take me higher. After that experience, trials of my faith or realizing it wasn't enough, I had again a series of experiences that strengthened my faith greatly. Much greater than it was before. The things I learned, and felt, are things I will never forget. But I would have never learned those things, or increased my faith if the Lord didn't help me see how little my faith was. I'm grateful for that experience. "Ye receive no witness till after the trial of your faith" (Ether 12:6)

Other than that we had a successful baptism for "R." She's waited a long time for this. She brought herself to this, we did nothing. Her faith is wonderful, as is her knowledge. She knew the lessons before we taught them, she's already been enrolled in Seminary for 5-6 months and is just rocking it. Our other "R" will be baptized hopefully soon, but for a few reasons we had to push it back a bit.

Also, "L" which we started teaching a couple weeks ago, it is incredible to see the progress in her. We knew her a little before teaching her, she lived in the same place as the Woe Family we were teaching. One day, while teaching them, she sits in the lesson and loves it! The Branch has done a miracle in fellow-shipping her. Before coming to church she made a couple good friends in the branch who sat with her, and this past Saturday we met her at the chapel at choir practice!! Moses H. came up to me and the conversation went like this, "Elder Verdoni, the fair woman, who is she?" "oh, that's "L". She's an investigator" "Is she joining the choir?" "Well, she wants to be I think" "My man! Now is the perfect time!" He then runs off to her and the choir director and then you see her sitting front row of the choir on Sunday! It was her second time ever coming to the church. She's gonna be alright, her baptism will be the 28 of May.

That's the week! Another hot one, but they always are. Rainy season is taking it's time to come. Coming in like a lamb, but it'll leave like a lion.
Elder Verdoni

Sister Missionaries

Elder Earley

 Look, Arizona!

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