Monday, November 10, 2014

Nov 10, 2014

Mepacho mahowoh!

My Twi is getting better little by little everyday! haha my subject is just "please good afternoon" but it's still cool to know. This week was pretty good, Tuesday we had our district meeting and President and Sister Holmes joined us! It was nice and they gave some really good insights! I went on exchanges with the Zone leaders on Wednesday and man I always love it! I went with Elder Kinghorn again and holy moly does that guy know Twi! He is the one I really look up to, then again he has been out over a year so I got some time;) 

This week went by pretty darn fast to be honest and nothing super duper big happened but I will tell you about one investigator: Emilia, the same one as before. She is stellar! She reads and prays everyday (which is hard to get here), and we taught her about sabbath day this week which we thought would be tough since she owns a shop but she accepted without hesitation. I don't know its just really exciting, were teaching her whole family now so woo hoo! 
Also, I finished the Book of Mormon this week, only took me two months. Holla. I'm still going to read it but I am gonna give me time to really read the Old and New Testament now. The people out here KNOW their bible, or at least they think they do haha. So we really have to be really knowledgeable about the doctrines in there. It's pretty exciting. I have had a small cold this week but it hasn't stopped me its just annoying.
Well sorry this letter might be a little short. I love all of you so much, thank you so much for all the support and love, it helps so much! I know what I am doing is more than just doing nice things. I know the message I share with people is true and it can bless their lives. I only know that because I has blessed and changed my life. I love the Gospel and I am so grateful to know the truth. I feel like I got it pretty easy knowing it so early in (or all of) my life. 
Till next week! 
Elder Verdoni


Elder Kinghorn

And that’s Elder Moshani and I eating something.
I don’t know but it wasn’t that bad actually.

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