Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov 17, 2014
Hey everyone!! Another week! Holy cow they really are going by fast, I only have 3 more week of training! And everyone says it goes by even faster after training, if that's true than holy moly! Haha. This week was pretty fun! I love my District a lot, we all get along really well and have lots of fun (it's just the 4 of us in our apartment so it is fun).

Okay lets see....My Twi is improving small small everyday. My comp says I know more than he did when he was where I was, that's really cool because I REALLY want to be able to speak it well to connect with these people.  I used "Woka se menti twi ana?" (so you think I don't know Twi or?) on a group of young guys who were talking about me, haha  needless to say they all freaked and got a good laugh.

I am exercising a lot more here than at home lol, in fact, Elder Abrams and I just ran 2 miles today! not much but better than nothing. I need to stay in shape. I literally eat rice and bread every day. every. day. haha  It's insane and a ton of carbs. Like I have eaten entire loafs in one meal, not too good but I walk all day so yeah. As long as I continue to work out each day I'll be fine, so I'm not worried

Oh check this! Elder Ojok, I wrote about him a few weeks ago, his dad just won the Primary Election in Uganda!! haha  that is sweet right?! haha I just thought it was legit, his dad has a good chance of being President, cool huh?

You know what's not cool? Laundry. more specifically, hand-washing. ugh. Haha  enye kraaa (no good) I'm not a fan but I really don't have a choice as of now. They sell mini washing machines here and boy I'm tempted =)

And today, oh today we enjoyed! We went to the Golden Bean Hotel (not to be confused with the golden tulip hotel I went to before) It has a buffet and it was sooooo good. It was our district activity and the food was amazing, like it tasted like home. It was powerful and really not too expensive! 45 cedis, so not too bad. But so delicious and so worth it. That's the hotel I am coming back to when I come visit Ghana in the future.
But yupp thats my mission so far! Power outage everyday, hot, dirt, the Gospel and working hard. I love it. I love it. A mission is sweet and so worth it.
I love you all!! Till next week!

Elder Verdoni

From letter to Mom
Some good lessons some not so good lessons haha but we try. Its hard to tell if people are being sincere or just being nice.. but Its okay. I wore my sandals this week and I love them!! holy moly they are nice I am definitely wearing them more often now! (We sent him with Tevas kind of like Keens) I got you packages!!! YAYAYAYAYAY! thank yo so much! I haven't opened them yet, but I will when I get home for sure! Is the SD card in these ones?? and spam? haha sweet:) Your week seems like fun! Ah man I would kill to go the temple, I miss it so much.
Helping with dinner and making friends

Okay, so this is my wish list for Christmas! I know it is a lot and I don't expect everything from it but that's what a wish list is for, Right? Haha I figured you could all work and talk amongst each other and figure who wants to get me what. Lol I love you guys so much, and your emails and love mean the world to me. They really keep me going. And packages, WOW I know they are pricey but keep em coming.  I love them haha and I can send home stuff.  I'm working on just that.  It'll be some time but I promise they will come. I love you so much!
Best fish ever!!


Laundry with no power!

 Golden Bean Hotel

Helping with dinner
Rice balls, Yumm!

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