Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Hey everyone!! This week was a pretty darn good one!! (I write down what I want to put into this email but I forgot it today so I feel lost, lol but I will try my best)

On Monday I had fufu again with the other elders in my district, man it was a big bowl of fufu, haha but I have gotten used to eating(swallowing) it. It's pretty good!

Missionary work has been really good, we have a couple of really great investigators, namely Emilia. She is so awesome. She is the shopkeeper lady from my previous emails. She is progressing so well. We taught her in a lesson and I cried. Hahah (BUT SHE CRIED FIRST) I shared something near and dear to my heart, something personal, and it was really spiritual, so I let a tear drop. She had tears in her eyes the whole time and the first half of the lesson was talking about how important reading the Book of Mormon is. She is just so spiritually in tune. We teach her a lot since she lives 50 yards from our apartment, so it's nice. We buy from her too, she throws us discounts. That's not why we are teaching her, I promise. I am so excited for her, she wants to be baptized so bad and we just started teaching her husband and the kids and dang they are just like her! They just get it! It's awesome to see the Spirit working in peoples hearts.

My Birthday was on Friday!! But I didn't really notice till that night, haha, because well, I am a missionary and we do missionary things. But at night, We partied! We (the elders in my apartment) opened my packages and enjoyed! I got candy and jerky and toys and peanut butter, so yeah, I am a happy guy. Everything's gone but the peanut butter hahahah. But I used it today to have some PB toast and banana, good stuff.

We got a new missionary! He is Elder Abrams from Wyoming, he is legit! We really hit it off and it's nice having another white guy in my apartment haha just because we connect on a lot of things. It's fun and he is a really cool guy, he is in the National Guard by the way.

Okay, I know I'm a Missionary, teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but there's a ton of Muslims with a lot of mosques and they like to pray. And I like it! haha I don't know, just being so close to them and hearing it over the speakers is strangely calming. I hear it every morning at like 4:30. It's just cool, haha is that weird?

We watched the Sunday morning of Conference on Sunday! Holla! But that's all they get to watch out here, like the members only get that one session, so that's kinda sad, but man, I appreciated it.

I hope Halloween was fun and that you guys ate lots of candy for me!
I love you all so much!!!
Thank you for the emails:)

Elder Verdoni

Questions from mom

How are you feeling?
Just giving you a heads up, well I guess a story, I'm all better now:)

That was good fufu! ..... up until 1 am... I woke to horrible stomach pains and had to go to the bathroom... but two other elders were using it too. Gosh something was bad in there and it hurt. I was up all night with them, but I was the only one who was throwing up too.. gosh haha it wasn't fun. Every heave was one piece of fufu, haha gross. But yeah I was puking than I would go to the bathroom then go puke again. The others were fine after that night. I didn't proselyte for 2 days... And I'm still dealing with it, minus the puking. Sis Barney put me on Cipro again and I am feeling better so don't worry!! haha just letting you know:) love you guys!
Ghana is wild

I got your music ready, so if you have any last songs you want added, speak now. I plan to send it out Tuesday.
I want Christmas music. Like the ones on the radio pleaaase. I didn't like them back home but man I am craving them now, haha you learn to even like the stuff you didn't like.

Any kind of food you missing? that I can fit into that package?
IDK finger foods mostly, candies and what what. I hopefully will make the monster cookies today so expect pics!! Just gotta find cocoa powder...

It was late at night,
and I was tired and it was my
Birthday! So I got comfy,

Elder Abrams and I
Boy do I love candy!

That's fufu and chicken. Yummy

Some children we teach

Okay, oh my gosh, that connection made my whole Birthday!
She called me and sang Happy birthday to me which was nice
And 5 minutes later I got a text from my mamma J J
Wow, I was so happy, I even teared up but that
Smile was with me all day long!

That's Elder Ojok and I before he left

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