Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 27, 2014

A Week of Replies

Hey everyone!  So to be honest this is going to be a real short email.

1) this week went by wayyy to fast for me to remember anyting hahaha
2) I NEED to reply to you people!! haha so thats what I'm going to do, Which im pretty excited for:)

This week was good though, it was a lot of fun and im loving it here more and more everyday. 

I love you guys!!

Elder Verdoni
(Clips from email to mom)
I am doing great!  This week was just really good, nothing real noteworthy besides the mail, which just made my day. But hey guess what I heard on the radio? that "Da, Dem Wah" song that you have, with the mens choir or whatever? anyway it brought back memories and made me happy. 
If you haven't sent pictures yet maybe you could include some wallet sized ones that I could keep on me? that would be real nice. 
Just letting you know about something I find mildly interesting:
My sleeping patterns.
Since the day I got to Kumasi, I wake up at least 3 times a night (the most was 12) and my dreams are soo crazy haha. It doesn't affect me physically, I think. Just wanted to let you know!! 
Love you guys
Questions asked by Mom

So when is transfer day?
Wednesday, Elder Ojok is leaving, and I am staying to finish my training (obvi) but it's all so exciting.
So you stay in the same apartment and do you get along with your companion Elder Moshani?
Yeah with another companionship. one is leaving and the other is training now (I'm not the youngest yayy!) And yeah me and Moshani get along good, he is a powerful teacher and a good friend.
So what is church like there in your district?
It's different hahah gosh. most of its in Twi, no piano when we sing, it's hot. but the spirit is there, and I'm uplifted so I love it!

That's fish. that we buy. and eat. ew

Me and a sweet lady who only speaks Twi but wanted to take a pic with me:)

That is me eating waakye (watchay) it's pretty legit

I cut my hair today so its short:)


Happy birthday Elder Michael Verdoni
We love you Elder Michael Verdoni

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