Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 13, 2014

It's Been A Good Week

Well just like my heading says, its been a good week. First off, we had exchanges on Wednesday and man it was awesome!! It was sooo nice to get out of my area and see somewhere new. I was with Elder Kinghorn, a wonderful man from Newcastle, England, He is awesome, we've gotten pretty close since I've gotten to Ghana. For being an obroni he knows a lot of twi, man I need to learn hahah but give me time and I will. He works in a place called Nwamasi (the richest place in the mission) with 4 other Elders in their apt: Erickson, Zulu, Sesay, and Olsen. Its a fun place hahah. But on our way there a car pulls up to us and says "Hey Elders, need a lift?" IN AN AMERICAN ACCENT so I was like "whaaaatt????" and I look and its a white guy. hahah he served here two years ago and has a few companies that he's started here. sweet.

Okay so the first thing we do when we get there is eat Otter pops, or their version. It was sweeet. What they do is each person will put in 50 cedis and so they use all that money on food, and they get good food. So it was pretty fun. Elder Kinghorn even has a laundry machine!! haha its so nice wow (okay well not nice to you guys, its a plastic dinky thing, but to us who have to hand wash, it was nice). But it was late so we were getting ready for bed and we started talking about music. Lo and behold we like the same genres, so I ask what he used to listen to music, he uses Spotify just like I did, so I went deeper and we started naming off bands; hahah I bet our playlists were nearly identical, he listened to almost all of the same bands I did. We connected and then started to sing, it really is a small world and I love it.

Okay so morning comes and we had Cocoa Pebbles! Yum, he bought them from a store I'll talk about later. Our first appointment is with Mary, a sweet old lady who moved back from Switzerland to take care of her mamma. shes loaded. Her house was soooo nice and she had the coolest German Shepard. She still isnt baptized but she reads the Book of Mormon everyday. We taught her about personal revelation because she needs surgery in her knees, but to do that she has to go back to Switz. so its a tough decision for her but she is very sweet. After the lesson she gave us a glass of juice and invited us for Christmas Dinner (I dont care what part of Kumasi I'm in I am going to that dinner). Then we taught a few gate guards of the houses out there, man those houses are soo nice. One them is named Lambert and he works for a lady who is a member of the Church. In fact she is in the US for Conference, she goes every time and she'll take the info of the members who live in Salt lake and meet with their families! haha how sweet.

But the day was ending and we wanted some food, so we went to Palace. Its a store owned by some Lebanese guys. and its a legit store! like carts and aisles and everything! those don't exist here. But the best part is they import tons of stuff! There was Cereal and poptarts and chips and cookies and real condiments and real milk and any spice or ingredient I'd ever need. Like everything was there and it was amazing, I think we're going there to buy some stuff actually, but all we bought were some magnum ice cream bars, it was cool.

The other days were alright but then Saturday came around. Our investigator Peter was baptized! He is a wonderful man, he is an older man with his own pineapple farm! But that's beside the point. He is incredibly sweet, with a powerful testimony. He truly knows and I'm so happy for him. But it was good that Elder Moshani and I got there early because the water we filled up last night was green, PURE green holy gross. so we drained it and luckily the power was on today so the water filters worked and the water was nice and clean. It was a real good baptism.

I GOT MY BAG!!! holy yes!! the AP's got it to me and man I couldn't have been happier. I finally have all of my stuff and it feels nice, I'm able to relax now. Church on Sunday was good, Peter gave us a 10 pound pineapple from his farm, wow I love pineapple out here it is the best. haha but I cant get over the 2nd counselor in the Branch Presidency, like I know he's black but he looks just like my cousin Colten! (I hope thats how you spell it haha) and okay I know Colten is like 5 or 6 but he has the same facial features! It freaks me out! and even the way they talk! like the lisp and everything it kills me and I love it. And In ward council, the Branch Pres. said BS, like the real word. haha Im not joking. English swear words mean nothing out here to these people so you can get quite and earful even from the members, haha man Africa's something else.
Hanging with kids at church!
Well I hope today's email is better than last week's, I'm trying. and sorry if I cant reply to all of the emails I get, I am pressed for time so I'm trying my best! I love you guys!! and I love your emails!!
Elder Verdoni

LDS church

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