Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 20, 2014

Affliction Week

Yes, this week was Affliction week, the week between getting our subsistence. And boy were we afflicted hahaha. I think I was hungry all week long, we ran out of money on Friday lol. We did not budget well but hey we lived! I had mostly rice bread and egg for all 3 meals, not that im complaining it was delicious but now we can afford other food so its a good day. 
Nothing really to memorable happened early in the week, so on Thursday I went on Exchanges with Elder Ojok, from Uganda. He is hilarious and me and him (bad grammar?) are really good friends! We worked in an area called Trede, and I had to lead. And as a missionary who is still training it was a tad intimidating at first but it was real good and a lot of fun. We found 5 new investigators! holla. and we got fed by some members! extra holla (it was Jollof rice with chicken)
It was just a good day. On Saturday we saw Peter, our recent convert and holy molly I love that man. He has the Spirit with him and you can tell. He is so happy and he is powerful. We taught him about Temples and man he got so excited, he really has a powerful testimony and It makes me so happy to see the change the Gospel has brought to his life. On Sunday, we taught two people named Naomi and Mommy( okay her names not mommy but that's what you call older ladies here so I don't know her real name) and Naomi is in her last year of college, so she is very well spoken and can read, write, and understand English very well (which is rare here) and Mommy cant speak it well but she can understand and read it. So we taught the Restoration and man that was a powerful lesson let me tell you. Naomi had a page full of questions she wanted to ask after the lesson since we taught her prior to this. But she didn't ask a single one, we answered them all without even trying as we taught! That really hit me, the Spirit really inspired us as to what to say and how to explain it. And Mommy, man I'm so excited for her, she just got it. She understood it all and she said the it just made perfect sense, so I'm really excited for her. They both accepted a Book of Mormon and to read and pray about it. I'm praying that they will come to find the truth. That's the glorious thing about this work, its all up to you to find the answer and the truth of these things. Agency. And I know that it is true. All of it, every single piece. Because I prayed, and studied and read these things for myself, I didn't have someone else do it for me and tell me. I did it. Me. And if i can do it, anyone can. I love this Gospel.
But anyway, its crazy to think I'm six hours ahead of you(AZ time) like when I get up at 6:30 most of you are asleep or almost, hahah wild. and the Rumors we hear about the church are CRAZY. hahah oh my gosh some of them are just so out of the box. But the most prominent is that we call devils down during worship, because I guess saint in Twi means like sprirts so thats one we talk about often. Oh and my Twi/ Ashanti name is Kwabina Piasie (I'm Tuesday born and the firstborn), pretty cool huh?
Well I love you guys! thank you for all the emails it so hard to reply to all so please bare with me!!
Elder Verdoni

Pictures and Descriptions:
Okay shoot I cant see what they are but let me try and remember what I attached:
1) me and Elder Ojok tracting and teaching
2)Moshani and I went to L'italys, and ice cream place it was absolute perfection. I love ice cream.
3) Pics with kids at church?
4) No clue lol hahah good luck!!


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