Monday, October 20, 2014

Sept 22, 2014

This Is Not America!

P-day!! Wow oh wow I am in Ghana! it has been quite an experience, I was not prepared for how different the culture would be but all in all I am loving it! My companion/trainer/Father(that's what they're called out here) is Elder Moshani, a wonderful man, He's from south Africa and he's just awesome.

Proselyting is great here, very receptive people, and open to hear our message. Most Ghanians here are religious and believe in God, so that's nice, and they are all very polite and open. Not like America hahaha but its a good change. I am learning Twi, the language, just simple phrases but it is cool and the  people get a kick out of me trying to speak it haha:) It is hard work, but rewarding work as well. Teaching is quite intimidating but when I rely on the Spirit to teach and not myself things go well. We have committed 3 people to baptism but now its just making sure they get there (most don't but I will change that(; )

Rain here is crazy cool but man the humidity is INSANE! I sweat constantly but it's cool, so does everyone else. I am the "obroni" (white man) in our area so I am pretty popular to the locals, especially the kids, haha they have a song and everything.

On our way here I got to spend a day in London while we waited for our plane so that was a lot of fun, okay that was off topic. Being a missionary is different, it is kinda hard adjusting to the mission life but I can do, and I want to do it. The other missionaries here are wonderful, I share an apartment with two others who come from Uganda and Nigeria, Good men.

But this is a very poor place, very very poor. but that is why they are so humble I  guess, it's weird going from a 1st world country to a 3rd world one, but I am starting love it and the people. haha everything is sooo cheap here!! well cause I'm American but whatevs, I can (and will) buy a machete for 4 dollars or 12 cedi, Its legit. food is very interesting, I haven't had fufu yet but I am stoked cus I get to Thursday!

Well thats all I have for now, no crazy stories yet but they will come I'm sure! okay I love you guys!

 Elder Verdoni

Had to hang out in London for 24hrs
      Elder Wilson, Ashby, Snow, Lawson, 
    Vause and Verdoni flying together

Elder Moshani, Pres Holmes, Elder Verdoni
Where I sleep


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