Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 6, 2014

Mission Update

Hey everyone!! This week went by so fast haha holy cow! I honestly feel like I have nothing to write about but I will try my best! Today is my Companions one year mark and to celebrate him and all the other elders that are a year (plus their companions) Went to Golden Tulip, A 5 star hotel with a buffet. Delicious. wow wow wow hahah it was amazing but super expensive, we gotta budget pretty hard these next two weeks, but it was worth it. I saw white people there! like normal white people! haha that still weirds me out. 

This week me and my Comp bought 200 chocolate bars! hahah for like 20 cedis(6 dollars) and they're the Target brand! (market pantry) so they're delicious. life here is pretty good, I'm still adjusting but it's cool. Kotwi, the area where I live, has a bad electricity connection cause the power goes out all the time, and no power= no fan and no shower so bucket wash, those are weird hahaha.
But proselyting is a good experience, everyone here is so humble and willing to listen to what we have to say. If they want another lesson it's another story but we teach a lot. This week we got like 9 new investigators! which is sweet!! and our investigator, "P", is getting baptized this week!! I'm so excited for him he is a wonderful guy. He's got a good testimony. But wow oh wow I've never seen so many churches in my life!! theres literally 100's of churches here, everyone is religious. and the number of false prophets is insane (my favorite is Ebenezer Miracle) so we have to explain how a real prophet is called quite often.

The humidity does crazy things to my hair haha, it's so frizzy and product is useless but it's okay cause all the little kids and the old ladies love me. the kids sing to me alllll the time and it can get old real fast but man the kids are so adorable. It's just sad to see their living conditions, most live in poverty, thats most of our area so its sad sometimes to see. But they are a happy people so thats what matters. The food is so crazy hahah, nothing like back home so I crave american food a lot, (like subway) fufu is pretty legit. Its also super weird but I'll come to love it, just something you gotta get used to. I love working here, I really do.

My companion from the MTC Elder Snow
The work is good and the Lord has truly prepared these people for us to teach. I know this Gospel is true, living it like I do, there's no way it's not. If it wasn't true I wouldn't be here. But it is, and I want to share that message with my brothers and sisters. I love you guys!

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