Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov 24, 2014

Its already Monday?

Wow this week went by toooo fast haha. This week was fun but wow we suffered small..
5 days with no power
3 days with no running water
That was a crazy experience haha. I started to not care about power but man I missed that water, haha but it is all good now. I hope so we will see. I wanna keep this one short this week so I can email some of you personally, Ive got a lot of emails lol. But I love you all. Thank you for everything!

love, Elder Verdoni
Letter to Mom
 Hey Momma, wow your week sounds really nice! I really can't remember most of mine, haha it really goes by soo fast! I cant believe I am basically 1/4 of the way done with me first year. that's insane! But wow oh wow I loved the packages! they were perfect mom! I made the cookies, well basically into a cake but it was delicious and don't worry I share all my candy with my apartment haha, But I am getting a small rice belly and I hate it! I exercise and run all week and it doesn't help at allll, we eat tooo much rice. I got the twi book! Its sweet! because I need to learn some fanti as well so I am studying it, but it is kinda difficult haha. My companion will love his package though!! Elder Moshani doesn't get packages so I will make it for him for sure. I just gotta pack his stocking? (I'm (mom) sending two stockings full of candy and small gifts but I couldn't fit them in the envelope with them in the stocking, so it's just all wrapped separate and the stocking on top, but they have transfers coming up in a couple weeks so I believe he wont be with Elder Moshani.) And wow mom thank you so much,I   know these packages aren't cheap but I love them so much. Thank you for your weekly report. I love reading them and taking pics to read over the week!
Oh yeah, For thanksgiving a lot of us missionaries are going to the golden bean hotel for their buffet next Monday...yummmmmm
I love you momma! 

 The lady who owns said wheel barrow. 
she also wants me to tell you she is a 
strong woman. haha she is funny!
"Put your shoulder to the wheel, push along!"

The results of hand washing. sweet
A hot day!

A house
Me eating rice, not a surprise!
No bake cookies in a cake pan!

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