Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan 12, 2014


Hey everyone!! Well as the subject suggests, this week was pretty cool/crazy. So let me tell you.
But first I apologize for this being so late, (its 6pm) We were fighting a fire, but I'll get to that;)
So this week, Elder Nweke had Malaria and man that was no good! We even spent one whole day in the apartment, so I read a ton and caught up on my wash, but he is still alive and cured now so no worries.

Zone conference was this week and man that was a ton of fun! It was 6 hours long and Elder Abrams and I had to be there an hour early for interviews, so we all woke up at 5am. But I learned a lot of things from President Holmes. it was really edifying and the lunch was so so so good. They catered rice and chicken. But unfortunately my camera died in conference so I don't have any photos:( but still super fun.

Well Collins, Emilia's son, was baptized on Saturday (I was Alma the Baptist) and It was a great experience. They are an amazing family and the Lord has blessed them in so many ways. But Sister Akua, an older lady who doesn't speak English will be baptized in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited for her, she has a ton of faith let me tell you.

But okay now this was the crazy part. This morning we (us four Elders) were all cleaning our apartment when someone starts banging on our door yelling in Twi, he was saying "fire". One of our neighbors houses caught fire and so we dropped everything and went to help. I've never fought a house fire before but wow it was crazy, like we were the only ones fighting, besides maybe 4 others, breaking up the roof to get the water in there, Elder Abrams and I braved the smoke to actually get to the flame with buckets of water, my eyes were hurting pretty bad. But we fought it for maybe 20 minutes and it was insane. But we did it and we spent the next couple hours cleaning up the mess. We had to take off parts of the roof for the smoke and heat to clear. And knock a hole in the wall for the water to escape. Almost everything was destroyed. it was really sad,especially when the homeowner showed up. but she is alive so that's a plus.
Just a crazy experience. kinda cool

And also today we have no subsistence. haha there's no money. no money=no food. haha so we will see how this goes, it should be here tomorrow. but that was my week!
so till next time.
You guys are awesome. And I love all of you. This work is divine.
Elder Kwabina Otu Agymeng (Verdoni)
post-fire soot. Its hard to see in the pic but it was a lot. wicked.
Brothers being brothers
Sick Elder in the bed

 Elder Verdoni and Elder Abrams

Elders Verdoni and Nweke


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