Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26, 2015


So first I have to apologize with a humble heart that I dont have any photos at all this week, I took plenty but the antivirus software on this computer wont let me upload them, So next week I promise. Again I am so sorry.

But this week was good! I went to the Mission Home to get some training as a District Leader and it was really good! I learned a lot and we got fed after so it was a good time. I saw a lot of Missionaries I knew there and was able to spend time with them. And Elder Erickson, (he served in Liberia) he goes home at the end of this transfer and I've gotten to be real close friends with him, so it was nice to see him there too. 

Okay so this week the power has been so so so so bad! hahah like we're lucky if we get it for 6 hours, then it's off for about 12 or more. No, it's a nuisance for sure but it's not horrible, as long as you have running water... No we did for most the week, except for Thursday or Friday (I don't remember)
like usually one of the faucets we have would still run cus its so low to the ground but that day not one drop. like nothing. So we did the next best thing: went to Emilia's shop and bought a big pack of water sachets (500ML plastic bags of water). Because frankly we NEED to shower. Yupp I showered with 4 water sachets, it was pretty darn awesome. Im pretty proud of only using that many, but I know if I practice I can get it down to 2, there are elders who can. Haha was it a perfect shower? nope but it was good enough, the power was back that night so I washed some clothes and took a shower as well. But yeah no power isnt the funnest thing so stay grateful:) 

I would have more to say about my photos but since I cant add them I don't know if I have much else to say. umm well we have Ramen noodles here but its a Nigerian company called Indomie, so it's like I'm living in college in terms of food. OH our subsistence has been raised from 120 every two weeks to 135 ever two weeks (45 Dollars) and its gonna be great! We've been doing pretty good at budgeting as a apartment so this will be fun. But that's my life as someone living in AFRICA, so crazy to say. haha But I love you all, stay Golden. And don't forget to pray.

Elder Verdoni

(Mom found an old pic and some pics from the internet)

500ml bag of water

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