Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19,2015


Hey guys! Well this week was pretty darn interesting! To start we didn't have any subsistence (money) on Monday like we should have so that was a downer and since it was already real late when we were going home we knew it wasn't going to be easy to get a tro tro home.. and it wasn't.
We stood at one station for like 20 minutes to no avail and then decided to walk to Kejetia (bad choice) so we walked for about 20 minutes to this horribly packed and crazy place. ( A HUGE tro station to get you anywhere in Ghana basically) and we were there for maybe an hour with no luck. But a cop shot his AK47 through the roof of his building, I have no idea why but it was insane. So we walked back to where we were originally and eventually found a taxi to take us home. We got home around 9:30pm.

The next day we were told our Sub was there so we could go grab it, Elder Abrams and I went to retrieve the Dough and buy some food, among other things we went in together on a box of Honey Bunches of Oats!!! (it was 50 cedis lol) worth it.

But like the heading says, this week is transfers and.... BUM BUM BUM... I'm not going anywhere haha. In fact none of us are. But I was called as the District Leader! Crazy! haha I'm pretty young on Mission but I'm glad President gave me this opportunity to grow and serve. But this is also means I'll be in Nkoransa for another 3 months AT LEAST haha. 

But yeah this week the power was off for three days and that was especially no fun when the water went out but all of it came back this morning! (holla)
But that was my week! life is good here! The food is still crazy and boy do I love Plantain.
Elder Verdoni
little girl, she's really smart

future missionaries

my breakfast this morning-

No power? still gotta bathe

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