Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16, 2015

Pday time!

Hey everyone! another week ended already, time really flies here. It was a good week though! so I'll talk about it:)

Tuesday we had District Meeting again, and again I'm still in charge so I taught and what what, but instead of the normal routine, I read Chapter 40 of "Jesus the Christ" titled "the Long Night of Apostasy" I really just wanted to refresh the Districts memory on the Apostasy and get some good juicy details, it turned out really well! What happened after though, not so much. After the meeting we went to see an investigator, Patricia. We were teaching then all of a sudden BOOM, I felt like I was gonna die, I felt so so sick. I could barely teach but I tried my best. After the lesson BOTH elder Nweke and I could barely even walk, we were both super sick. I guess it hit him around the same time. By the time we made it to our apartment we were both out of it, we made it to our beds and slept for the next 5 hours... super weird, we both woke up better, just weak. ruined our day but we were fine after! weird huh?

So there's tons of reggae here, like it's everywhere and it's not that I'll willingly listen to it but wow I'm starting to enjoy it. haha

Saturday I went on exchanges (change companions for a day to train them) with Elder Abrams and it was cool! We were in an area called Kokoben and it was a good day! I really like him, we have gotten really close and it was just really interesting to be able to train him to help him become a better missionary, while also noticing things that I could do better, it was a good day. But that was the exciting parts of my week! Except getting soaked on the way to the internet cafe today. We got caught in a huge storm haha, but I love you guys! Sorry, still no pics, my SD card is still fried, but they will come eventually!!

Elder Vehdoni (the way it's pronounced here)

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