Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23, 2015

Hey everyone! Another Pday and it"s as good as always! This week was pretty good in general actually, it wasn't easy by any means but it was a good week, so let's talk about it.

Tuesday we had our Zone Meeting and I love those, I get to see all the other Missionaries in the Zone plus the Zone Leaders who I really look up to. Elder Erickson bore his goodbye testimony as he goes home the end of this transfer (one week), he is a sweet guy and served in Liberia!

We also had Specialized training from President Holmes on Wednesday about working more effectively with Church Leaders, so it was nice. I love him, crazy to think he goes back to South Africa in 4 months. I wont be surprised if he is called as a Seventy. Okay so Brandon requested that I give him a rundown of my day, so I decided to give it to all, so here it is!

6:30 I wake up, write in my journal and exercise till about 7:10. I then shower and cook breakfast which is usually porridge, eggs, or Ramen lol. I am studying by 8am, and continue until 10am. by 10:15 We are out the door and teaching, either with set appointments or contacting new Investigators, 3 days outta the week we gotta pack ourselves in a tro-tro to go to a different town to proselyte. Around 1pm we stop to eat some biscuits for lunch and some water, that takes like 10 minutes. Then we are out teaching till 8pm. We then go back to the apartment to close and plan for tomorrow which takes like a half our. I report our Districts numbers (goals achieved) to the Zone Leaders then eat dinner. Then we just listen to music, chill, study, do whatever till 10:30 when I go to bed. And that's it, That's everyday of my life. and I love it.

But it is a lot of work. I walk and work and sweat like crazy, it's sweet, It's not easy here, Work is really tough, and can be very disappointing but man I love it here, I wouldn't change it for the world. This is where I'm supposed to be.
I love you all

Elder Verdoni

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