Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015


Hey everybody! Remember how I was complaining about not feeling good last week? Well guess what? MALARIA. Heck yes, talk about miserable. After emailing I could barely walk. Got to a clinic, tested and yup it was malaria. We were 3 hours from home by tro tro and that was horrible.

Like I don't know how to explain it, but it feels like your entire body is fuzzy, weak,, and just hurting, while your head is being pounded by a hammer and simultaneously being drilled into from your eyes and temples. I think that's close. 

When we got to the apartment I checked my temp and it was 104°F, and that was 4 hours after my test. So I wonder if it ever got higher lol. Had to take a cold shower and I was already freezing, so that was bad, but it really helped. After that, took malaria meds and stayed in bed until Friday. That was bad, but we were still able to have 12 lessons between then and Sunday so it was okay. 

What an experience, I think it helped me lose weight so that's cool! along with the workout we're doing as an apartment, it's fun yet super tough. 
But really that was my week. Nothing else happened besides that.
Oh, we went to KFC today, sooo good, little piece of home.
That's my week though! Im A-ok and ready to never get sick again!
Love you all!!
again my pics are low, cus malaria.
Elder Verdoni
Riding in a Tro Tro

  When appointments fall through and days are tough, drink a coke
Missionary fridges arent usually this full, so its like, something really cool to us haha

 Pics from his companion Elder Hill 

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